Friday, June 24, 2022

Expansion the focus for Ecotrust and its Urban Farm plans for Prince Rupert and area

The Urban oasis of the Kaien Island Urban Farm is back in operation this 
summer, residents and visitors can drop by and ask questions of the team
on site to learn more about the project and other initiatives from
Ecotrust Canada's Prince Rupert office

The Kaien Island Urban Farm at the corner of Second Avenue West and Second Street is the eye catching focal point for a wider plan of urban farming for the Prince Rupert area.

The project now in its second year of operation provides a glimpse as to the potential for food security that is available for residents of the community.

The Urban Farm however is just part of a wider plan from Ecotrust Canada which with its partners in the region has made Food Security part of the foundation for their work on the North Coast.

How that program is moving forward was a theme from their social media stream this week noting of their work with local educators to bring the passion for local growing to the classrooms of Prince Rupert and area.

The narrative is one that is expanded through the Ecotrust Canada website and an extensive look at their work in Prince Rupert. 

The overview noting of their ongoing efforts to revitalize a vacant space in the downtown core to grow fresh produce for those in need, while also providing for a look into the future includes the creation of a marketplace and food hub for the region.

The review of their past work and that to come is available here.

If you want more information you can follow their Social media feed or contact the Prince Rupert office a 250-624-4191

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