Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain shares notes on the path ahead for Grads of 2022 at Graduation Ceremony June 10th

Mayor Lee Brain was the keynote speaker of this years
Charles Hays Secondary Graduation Ceremony
(image from Lonnie Wishart video)  

While the graduating students of Charles Hays Secondary School were thinking of their future plans, they gained some guidance from Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain, who shared not only some insight into the post secondary world for the grads, but a review of recent current events in the community.

The Mayor who announced he will be leaving municipal politics back in January hasn't said much about what his next stage of career development will be, and he didn't spill any beans at the Graduation ceremony of the evening of June 10th. 

Speaking to the theme of following ones dreams, Mr. Brain left a dramatic pause in his presentation, before dashing any thoughts for those in the Lester Centre that a big reveal was at hand. 

The Mayor observing for the graduating students as to how Parents are so nosy these days ... always wanting to know what you're up to.

Instead, the Mayor as keynote speaker on the night,  provided for a template for the Grads as they prepare to make their mark in the world. 

The theme of Dreams figured large in the presentation, how those dreams can evolve and what that may mean to them. 

His speech for the event was one which he recounted some of his past experiences with the students when he was employed by the School District and noting how the then students of Grade Six at the Middle School, many graduating that night, had helped to get him elected to his first term.

The Mayor then pivoted towards a commentary towards the process of life long learning and building relationships.

Among his anecdotes on the evening, he observed on that theme and how his relationship building in University served him in accessing required funding for the city's water infrastructure plans early in his Mayoralty.

Mr. Brain spoke of not burning bridges, to work in groups, to build a resume that focuses on the skills that students will bring with them as they acquire them along their path ahead. 

His final piece of advice was that to highlight  how students should strive to become a force for good in the world and to strive to follow a path ahead to be a good person in this world.

The Mayor's speech to the Grads can be reviewed through the video Grad Class of 2022 which as we noted earlier today is now available online the Mayor's comments start at the fifty minute mark of the evening's celebration.

More notes on Education can be reviewed from our archive page.

The next opportunity for the community to perhaps hear of the Mayor's next plans post municipal politics, could come on Tuesday night. 

That is when Mr. Brain will deliver his final State of the City Presentation from the same stage he shared with the Grads on June 10th.

A look at the mayor's work during his time on Council can be reviewed here.


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