Monday, June 27, 2022

Celebrating the Seafarer!

Sunny skies made for an enjoyable Day Saturday as the Prince Rupert Port Authority Celebrated the Day of the Seafarer, the annual salute those who serve aboard the many commercial vessels that keep Global supply chains in operation. 

As they have in past years, the PRPA provided for a BBQ for those mariners in port on the weekend, serving up the burgers and best wishes from the promenade area adjacent to the Northland Cruise Terminal

The Prince Rupert Port Authority put on a BBQ for those Seafarers in
port on Saturday as part of Day of the Seafarer celebrations

The day is observed around the world, wherever commercial mariners call on ports and the efforts of communities like Prince Rupert to make things a bit more comfortable for those far from home don't go unnoticed.

The Creation of Day of the Seafarer comes through International Maritime Organization an agency of the United Nations, which has been raising the profile of global mariners and advocated on their behalf since the 1960's

Learn more about the organization and their work here.

A wider overview of their efforts can be explored through their website, a short video for the 2022 year of the Seafarer outlined the celebration of those aboard the ships and the challenges they have faced in recent years.


Some snapshots of the global celebration can be reviewed here.

The  Prince Rupert Port Authority Social Media feed provides a glimpse at some of the Prince Rupert event. The event also was part of the PRPA Twitter theme for the day.

To see how the day evolved world wide check out the #SeafarerJourney feed through Twitter

More notes on the Prince Rupert Port Authority can be explored through our archive page.

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