Monday, June 27, 2022

Major Projects update to note Woodworth Water Dam at 98% completion, many other projects continue forward

Prince Rupert City Council will receive an update this evening that will chart some of the status for a range of Major Projects currently under development, the overview to be provided from Operations Director Richard Pucci.

Of the 11 projects to be updated, three have been deemed as complete by the Operations Director, those include the Eat Street initiative, New Landfill cell and the city's Recycling program.

One high profile project, the Woodworth Water Dam edges closer to the finish line, now listed as at 98 percent complete, the Operations Director observing that he expects to declare it finished by the time he next appears at Council later this summer.

Some of the preliminary work for the Third Avenue Extension

The remainder of the projects on the list are still in their early stages of preparation or work, one of which the Third Avenue road extension, which is now on hold awaiting confirmation of lot development.

Demolition work is set to get underway on the old
Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall to make way for the 
new RCMP detachment

Also on the horizon demolition work for the old Kingdom Hall building at Third Avenue East and McBride which will be the location for the new RCMP detachment for the city.

The monthly Update report, which you can review below, also offers up a few notes towards each of the eleven projects .

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Many of the projects from the Major Projects Overview, will most likely make for part of the narrative for Tuesday evening's State of the City presentation with Mayor Lee Brain.

That community event, the last one to be hosted by Mayor Brain who will be stepping down from his post in October, takes place at the Lester Centre at 7PM on Tuesday evening.

More notes from tonight's City Council session can be reviewed from our Council Preview page.

Our archive of past items related to Major Projects and Infrastructure themes is available here.

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  1. I don't see a report on the work on McBride St. It was going seven days a week and now stopped. An update on that would be appreciated.

    1. I imagine that will come as part of the CFO's report on the amendment to the Five Year Financial plan, which notes the need of 1 million dollars for the project (its estimated to last into August at this point) NCR

  2. Why are the people of prince rupert paying for two rcmp buildings? One on Mcbride the other in cowbay. This new detachment better incorporate both buildings into one.

    1. The New detachment will replace the old one once it is built and the land from the old one put to a new use. The Current detachment has outlived its usefulness and a new one has long been in the planning stages in Prince Rupert. NCR

    2. Because the one on 6th is Municipal and the one in Cow Bay area is Federal.

    3. We don't pay for the one in Cow Bay. That is a Federal detachment serving areas outside of the municipality.