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Blog Watching: Week ending June 26, 2022

Prince Rupert is back on the travel map for Americans looking to access Southeast Alaska or transit to the lower 48, wth the return of the Alaska Marine Highway System after over two years of absence.

Our notes on the return captured some strong interest for readers among our list of five items for review this week.

The expanded worksite on McBride has also been of some interest for our readers and this week the work required to rebuild two blocks of waterline and roadway and its 1 million dollar bill will mean some adjustment to the Five Year Financial Plan adopted earlier this spring.

Soon to be departing, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain will be hosting his last State of the City presentation this coming Tuesday, we explored what could make the short list for the night.

There may be some movement towards some new housing stock for the community, this past week we wandered over to McKay Street where some preparation work is ramping up for a much anticipate remake for the BC Housing facilities there.

And the city has a few infrastructure plans in motion, launching a pair of Requests for Proposals this week through the BC Bid program

However,  when it came to the top item of the week, the resumption of the AMHS ferry connection to Ketchikan made for the most read piece.

First in line for Alaska! AMHS Service to and from Prince Rupert resumes tonight -- Travellers can once again access Southeast Alaska by ferry from Prince Rupert, with the transit of the MV Matanuska on Monday marking the first vessel call in Prince Rupert sine the fall of 2019. Later in the week we outlined how the State of Alaska was celebrating the return of service.   (posted  June 20, 2022)

That article was followed by: 
Unanticipated expenses to bring amendment to City's Five year Financial Plan to June 27th Council session  -- What is burnin into the Summer of the Big Dig on McBride is going to mean some amendments to the recently adopted Five year Financial plan, as the city prepares to fund the million dollar project which now could last five or more weeks.  (posted  June 22, 2022)
Will a water dam update be on tap as part of Tuesday's State of the City presentation -- Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain is the host for what will be his final State of the City Presentation this coming Tuesday evening at the Lester Centre. We outlined a few areas where updates may be delivered and noted of the long running dam project as one which should figure prominently in the Mayor's remarks  posted June 24,  2022)

Prep work underway for demolition of existing McKay Street unit, with new development on horizon  -- Fencing surrounding some of the McKay Street row houses offers up a sign perhaps that the area may soon see some progress in the construction of new housing stock from BC Housing for Prince Rupert     (posted June 20, 2022)  .  

Twin projects go out for Bid by City of Prince Rupert -- While a lot of our attention is focused on the McBride Street waterline issues, the City has a few other significant projects ramping up, with work on a bus pullout on Second Avenue West and a new retaining wall and waterline work for the Atlin Avenue area just put out for tender by the City of Prince Rupert.  ( posted June 21, 2022)

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