Monday, June 27, 2022

Regional District releases Statement of Financial Information for 2021, Salaries, Supplier payments and Grant Funding among elements outlined

June has been a month of Financial Reporting for the municipal and regional bodies of government and the last of the reports from the North Coast has been released, with North Coast Regional District publishing their SOFI report to their website.

The Documents include the compensation review for the elected and appointed officials, as well as that for Regional District Staff along with the listings of suppliers and service payments. 

The release of information also outlines the scope of Grant Funding for organizations and community groups on the North Coast and Haida Gwaii.

Towards compensation the total for 2021 came to just under 200,000 dollars for all thirteen representatives listed. 

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The financial compensation makes for an additional bump in the take home pay for a number of officials including two from Prince Rupert city Council who serve on the Regional Board.

As as Director, Councillor Barry Cunningham earned 17,010 for his Regional District work with no expenses listed, while Mayor Lee Brain gained 16,441 for the year as a Director also with no expenses to report.

Councillor Wade Niesh also appears on the list though as an Alternate Director he seemingly was not called on for duty often, with compensation of just 190 dollars.

That tops up the income for all three City Council officials as declared from the Prince Rupert SOFI of a few weeks ago

The combined totals look as follows:

Mayor Lee Brain $86,349 City of Prince Rupert Compensation, $16,441 Regional District Compensation - $102,790 total for both bodies of Government

Councillor Barry Cunningham City of Prince Rupert Compensation $21,472, $17,010 Regional District Compensation -
$38,482 for both bodies of Government

Councillor Wade Niesh City of Prince Rupert Compensation $21,472, $190 Regional District Compensation -
$21,662 total for both bodies of Government

Keeping the Regional District Machine running through 2021 came in at under 2 million dollars when all employees are added to the Directors remuneration charts.

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Suppliers of services and supplies came in at just over 2 million dollars from the list.

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The Distribution of Grants across Regional District included five based in Prince Rupert and Two Port Edward listed organizations.

Among those listed:

Prince Rupert Regional Archives -- $130,000
Lester Centre of the Arts -- $20,000
Museum of Northern BC -- $20,000
Prince Rupert Library -- $6,000
North Coast Transition Society -- $2,470

Port Edward Historical Society (North Pacific Cannery) -- $130,000
Port Edward Harbour Authority -- $735

The Dodge Cove Recreation Society received $2,575

The Full list of Grant recipients can be reviewed below

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The Financial Review also includes the listings of Debenture Debt towards a number of financing themes for projects and services.

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The complete Statement of Financial Information Report for Regional District can be reviewed here.

Notes on the City of Prince Rupert SOFI release are available here.

Our look at the District of Port Edward SOFI report is available here.

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  1. Some council members do quite well financially for part-time positions, other than the mayor who is full-time (apparently). Hopefully some new candidates will run against the current crew, and hopefully there will be progress towards gender parity as well.

  2. After looking at the electoral areas in the NCRD, does Prince Rupert and its population have less electoral influence than all of Haida Gwaii?

    Prince Rupert taxes fuels the bulk of those cushy director salaries. Rupert taxpayers need to see more value out of this layer of government.

    Yes the recycling program arrived, but could it have arrived sooner if Rupert had added influence at the district level?