Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Island Hop ahead for MLA Jennifer Rice

Some constituency travel is ahead for
North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice

 Residents of Haida Gwaii with some things to share with their MLA are being asked to contact the constituency office for MLA Jennifer Rice, that as the North Coast Member of the BC Legislature makes plans for an Early July visit to the Islands.

No firm timeline has been outlined yet by the MLA's office, though upon her arrival on the Islands there should be a few items of note for residents to take up with her, the largest one perhaps the ongoing challenges faced by BC Ferries of late.

The most recent one a delayed sailing on Sunday owing to a crewing issue.

In the recent past residents have also had concerns noted when it comes to health care and paramedic services on Haida Gwaii.

More notes on the MLA's plans for her travels will be added as the travel date nears, so follow her Facebook page for further updates.

To request an appointment with Ms. Rice contact her office at 250-624-7734 or by email at Jennifer.Rice.MLA@leg.bc.ca

More notes on the MLA both from Victoria and the constituency office can be explored here.

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