Friday, June 17, 2022

City sets June 27th as date for Public Hearing on Omnibus Zoning amendment bylaw

Those in the community looking to weigh in on City Council's plans for a wide reaching Omnibus Zoning amendment bylaw will have their chance to share some thoughts on June 27th.

That is the date selected by Council for a Public hearing to take place, with a 6PM start scheduled for the review of the proposal from the city's planning office.

The Omnibus bylaw came out of the same session of Council that delivered a Renovictio/Rental Bylaw, the Omnibus legislation something that will cover a range of areas of note from rental housing options to commercial themes.

Some of the propose changes include themes related to Permitting of Secondary suites in two family homes (duplexes)and lock-off suites in multi family homes (3 plus principle units)

Addition of Animal Hospital or clinic in any zone where retail is permitted

Clarifying Gross Floor Area definition and adding a definition of Building footprint

Allowing temporary use of Shipping Containers of dup to 60 days

Allowing housing be built from modular units on permanent foundations

The full list of proposed changes is part of the current engagement program underway through the RupertTalks portal.

You can explore more on that community engagement initiative here.

Those who deem themselves affected by the proposed Omnibus Bylaw can participate in the June 27th Public Hearing, or you can provide a written submission for that session to the City's corporate Administrator Rosa Miller.

To do that, send your comments by email to or forward them to City Hall at 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert V8J 1L7

Address the submission to the attention of Ms. Miller.

The deadline to submit comments is 4:30 PM on Friday, June 24th.

Past planning themes can be examined from our archive page here.

More notes on City Council can be reviewed from our Council Discussion page.

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