Monday, June 27, 2022

Operations Director to seek approval for additional funding quest for Wastewater Test Project

A synopsis of the city's Test project for wastewater solutions for Prince Rupert
From City of PR Annual Report)

One of the list of reports ahead for Prince Rupert City Council tonight will put the spotlight on the ambitious test pilot towards Wastewater Treatment, with the City's Operations Director Richard Pucci to provide an update on the preliminary work for the location near Omenica Avenue.  

As well as to seek out approval to pursue some additional grant funding for the proposed project.

His notes for Council are included as part of a report listed on the Agenda for tonight's Council session.

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The report for tonight, makes for no change  to the scope of the project, other than the quest for funding from a different funding program from that which was delivered on February 7th. 

The details towards the project are much the same as that from a presentation to Council in March of 2021.

The key takeaway from tonight's report points to the potential for savings for the city:

This grant application would apply for $1.313M to cover the remaining costs that ICIP would not fund. If successful, the grant would significantly lessen the impact on the taxpayers of Prince Rupert

Some of the past notes on the proposed wastewater solution can be reviewed below:

The project was also noted in the recently released Annual Report.

The test project will collect and treat sewer and stormwater from a catchment area of 100 homes near Omenica Avenue, replacement of aging pump station is also part of the project. 

Once it has been in operation for a full year the city will determine the effectiveness of the treatment process and then look to expand the program to other areas of the city as a lower cost solution for the city's wastewater requirements.

The test project most likely will be one of the elements of note for tomorrow evening's State of the City presentation at the Lester Centre by Mayor Lee Brain.

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be reviewed from our Council Preview here.

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