Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Toxic Drug Alert, additional equipment noted for Terrace Region

Northern Health issued a Toxic Drug Alert on Friday for the Terrace area noting of an increase in the volume of recent overdose incidents in that community related to a substance know as Down.

The Alert relayed through the Northern Health Website and Social media stream

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Some additional information on the Alert can be reviewed here.

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Towards a response to the situation in the Northwest, Northern Health has also outlined one of the measures they have put in place in the Terrace area, noting of the opportunity to make informed choices on drugs through the Fourier Transportation Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) a drug checking machine that is now in operation.

The announcement from Monday outlined how the machinery operates and how it may help towards lessening the dangers from the ongoing drug poisoning crisis.

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There so far has been no Toxic Drug Alert issued  for the Prince Rupert area, though over the weekend some social media contributors were making note on a number of forums of the risks associated to some of the drug supply that has been seen in this community in recent days.

More notes on Northern Health themes can be explored here.

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