Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Kaien Island Urban Farm tour set for today at 10AM

An opportunity to tour the Kaien Island Urban Farm is
available this morning through Hecate Strait Business Development

If you've been curious about what's ahead for the Kaien Island Urban Farm today's the day where a lot of your questions may get an answer.

Hecate Strait Employment Development Services is planning a field trip if you will to the urban field at the corner of Second Avenue West and Second Street, where you can learn about the Urban Farm as well as pick up some tips on your home gardening from Charles Gerein Food Systems.

The Ecotrust Canada led project has created the urban oasis in the heart of the city which is now in its second  year of operations, making its debut last summer.

Today's tour takes place from 10 AM to 11:30 AM and those looking to participate will start their journey at the Hecate Strait offices at 125 Market Place near the Sunken Gardens behind the Court House.

It's the latest in walking tours offered by Hecate Strait, which recently took residents on a guided tour of the new Seal Cove Salt Marsh area.

For more on their upcoming plans follow their Facebook page here.

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