Monday, June 20, 2022

Over 100 participants in Complete Streets Seafest Survey on needed improvements for walking and rolling infrastructure in Prince Rupert

Some on the street research from the Complete Streets for Prince Rupert team has found that local residents would like more in the way of protected paths for waling and rolling around the community.

The Survey had seven options for participants to fill out, the largest volume of answers directed towards two questions:

I"d feel better letting my kids walk or bike to school or town

I'd probably get more exercise by walking/biking  

The feedback received from the Complete Streets For Prince Rupert
Seafest Survey earlier this month

The group has compiled a report (which you can review here) from those findings and among some of the key areas of interest from the participants they note the following:

Overall, the results of the survey showed that most people imagined themselves getting more exercise (e.g., “I would definitely get more exercise if I felt safer riding my bike.”). 

 Also, many people expressed wishing their (and other) children could get to school and town more comfortably on foot and/or by bicycle - overlapping on the theme of independence (e.g., “I wouldn’t have to drive my kid everywhere!” “I could get more places on my own. I wouldn’t have to get a ride from my parents all the time!”). 

 The rising price of gas made many people consider other forms of transport. Other people realized that both walking and driving would be easier because curb extensions/bulb-outs would make pedestrians more visible. 

 Parents pushing strollers and people with mobility aids craved the independence that would come from safer and more accessible sidewalks/crossings.

As part of their review, Complete Streets for Prince Rupert notes of the current public engagement process by the City when it comes towards their development of an Active Transportation Plan, observing that the opportunity now at hand makes for a chance for residents to make sure that "protection for walkers and rollers in Prince Rupert" is known by the City.

The Connect Rupert: Transportation plan forum from the Rupert Talk's Portal  is available here,  with a twelve month timeline in place the City has announced plans for a variety of engagement options to come.

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From the City of PR Rupert Talks' portal

Earlier this year we highlighted some of the work ahead on Transportation planning for the city, that on the occasion of a call for Bids towards development of a Master Transportation Plan.

Learn more about Complete Streets from their website or Facebook page.

More notes on the City's work on major projects and infrastructure can be reviewed here.

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