Thursday, June 16, 2022

Council has praise for Seafest volunteers, calls for more public volunteerism for future events

One of the many floats that made up for Saturday's Seafest
     celebrations in downtown Prince Rupert

             (photo from City of PR)  

With the firs t Post COVID era Seafest in the books, the members of Prince Rupert City Council used the final part of Monday's Council Session to pay tribute to the small but dedicated group of Volunteers at the Special Events Society who put together this years event. 

The Saturday festival brought thousands of Prince Rupert residents and visitors to the downtown core as Special Events organizers revived some of the popular events including the always popular parade, this year with a shortened route that only made use of Third Avenue West.

At Monday's Council Session, Councillor Nick Adey led off with the tributes

"I would just like to recognize that we had Seafest for the first time, in three years I guess. It was brilliant to see Third Avenue come to life and I'm hoping that we don't face historical circumstances that stop the momentum from continuing going forward from here. 

And also the High School grad, So I think that because of the accident of the two events coinciding that we had the best dressed Seafest in history"

Councillor Wade Niesh also had some observations noting of the absence of the Sunday waterfront element from past years.

"I'll just add to the Seafest conversation, many may notice that there weren't any waterfront events and a quiet Sunday and I would just like people to maybe think about volunteering next year, or think about putting together some kind of event and maybe that'll help start building Seafest back up to what it used to be like in the eighties.

I mean it's understandable this year, first year out of COVID it probably wasn't expected to be as big as usual. But for everyone out there that wants to see more, then put in some effort and help volunteer for next year and maybe we'll get it back to the way it used to be"

Councillor Cunningham had similar comments towards the weekend of community spirit.

"I was just going to say the same thing, I had people come up and complain about a one day Seafest, but it was lack of volunteers that curtailed it to one day. I volunteered to help with the parade as the Mayor did years before. 

And I'd like to say Kudos to the people who did volunteer it was a short notice thing and they couldn't get the highway and things like that in short notice. I would like to recognize Betty Weir who's done the parade for many years and did an excellent job on such short notice. 

It's, uh you know again there was even short volunteers at that part, but it all worked out everyone stepped up to the plate that did volunteer and it worked out quite good"

The City has yet to provide the video for the Council session to their YouTube Archive, once they have we will add that element below.

Update: The missing archive of Monday's session was added to the listings on the afternoon of Monday, June 20th.

The item above can be viewed starting at the end of the council session at the 48 minute mark.

More notes on the Monday Council Session can be reviewed from our Council Timeline Feature.

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The City of Prince Rupert has a few snapshots of the Seafest Fun available through their Facebook page.

For those looking to lend a hand to the Special Events Organization, you don't have to wait until next Seafest!

Prince Rupert Special Events puts on four festivals each year, the next one just a few weeks away on Canada Day, an event which would welcome volunteers for.

Find out more about the organization and their community spirit from their website and Facebook page.

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  1. Council and the mayor agree volunteers and non profits help the community yet cut the grant monies to non profits.

    There seems to be a real disconnect with the city/mayor/council statements and their actions.