Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nathan Cullen angry over BC/Alberta Pipeline announcement

“I’m trying to pick my words carefully because I’m quite angry. The premier made some cold, calculated decisions to win the last election and then, as soon as that election was over, has decided that those promises didn’t mean anything.”-- Nathan Cullen, outlining his concerns over Tuesday's pipeline deal between Alberta and British Columbia.

Considering that by Monday evening dark clouds had been hovering over a scheduled meeting between Alberta Premier Alison Redford and British Columbia's Christy Clark, the surprise pipeline announcement from the two of Tuesday seems to have caught more than a few political observers off guard.

Word that the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia had settled some of their differences on the topic of pipelines, may have been lost in the developments out of Ottawa and Toronto on Tuesday.

But one person who found it amid the clutter of a busy news cycle was Nathan Cullen, the MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley.

Mr. Cullen was quick to react to the deal announced by two Premiers, making it clear to radio station CKNW that he plans to keep up his fight when it comes to the proposal to ship oil through British Columbia.

The announcement of Tuesday is also weighing on  his mind as he ponders what would be his best approach, when it comes to providing effective opposition to the plan. He suggested to CKNW that in light of the developments, he will be making his decision rather quickly now as to what his intentions are for the upcoming BC NDP leadership campaign.

You can review some of Mr. Cullen's comments from the CKNW Audio Vault (November 5, 2 PM Newscast)

Beyond Mr. Cullen's concerns, reaction to the Tuesday announcement has been mixed.

NDP Opposition Leader Adrian Dix expressed his belief that the Liberals misled the Province during the election on the issue of pipeline development.

CFTK TV reports that Coastal First Nations executive Director Art Sterritt called the agreement good news as it forces Alberta to recognize First Nations constitutional rights, though he did suggest to the Vancouver Sun, that perhaps Premier Clark may have "played" her Alberta counterpart a bit on Tuesday.

Many other observers suggested that in fact, the announcement today only moves the process ahead by a small margin, with both provinces still apart on a number of the issues that remain to be discussed. With progress still to be made on the five conditions that the Premier of British Columbia outlined as important regarding any pipeline development in the province.

Tuesday, the Premier expressed her belief that the fact that Alberta offered up its agreement  on the five conditions is an important step in the process.


The British Columbia Chamber of Commerce hailed the announcement as a positive development, offering up the hope that it may make for new momentum for both the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipeline projects.

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