Monday, November 4, 2013

RCMP deliver quarterly crime statistics report to City Council

As part of last week's reading material for Prince Rupert City Council, the Inspector in Charge of the city's RCMP detachment provided a review of the Criminal activity statistics for the period of July 1 to September 30th.

Inspector Wayne Maughan offered up the review, as part of the Information to Council reading material from for the October 28th Council session.

The report provides a fairly extensive overview as to the case loads and responses to calls for assistance, that the local detachment handled in the three month period.

Some of the takeaways from a quick review show that Crimes against Persons have declined in the reporting period by some fifteen percent, with only Robbery and Criminal Harassment complaints showing an increase over the last year.

When it comes to Property Crime however, the numbers jump a bit, with Break and Enters for both Businesses and Residences up from the numbers of last year.  Residential offences in particular spiked upwards by 37 percent from the previous year.

Overall however, the total occurrences of all the variations of Property Crime are down by 13 percent from last years statistics.

Of the items reviewed in the "Other" category from Criminal code offences, only the crimes of counterfeiting (up 100 percent) and obstruction seems to be on the increase, the latter featuring a major jump by 130 percent from year to year.

Drug files have kept the local detachment quite busy with the local  officers handling a 48 per cent increase overall in cases over the last year.

With the trafficking of cocaine and cannabis on the increase in the region, while possession and production offences have increased as well

Other items of interest from the report:

Offences under the Youth Criminal Justice Act have increased 20 percent
Public intoxication is up 10 per cent
The number of calls (23) for assistance to Child, Family and Community Services  (a new category)
The review of Trespass Act violations which are up 65 percent
And the stats on Traffic complaints which are up 20 percent, while the Issuance of Traffic Violations has increased by 44 percent.

On the more positive side of the statistical review, Bylaw complaints both Noise and Litter were down over the last year

Overall the RCMP have handled 6,517 City files in the first three quarters of 2013, compared to 6,922 from 2012.

As well as the statistical review, the Inspector provided an overview of some of the highlights of the detachments Annual Performance plan. A blue print which is focusing on Youth, Aboriginal Policing, Crime Reduction, the Auxiliary Constable Program, Citizens on Patrol Program and to increase more visibility of officers in the downtown and mall areas.

The report also provides an update on staffing changes and  the current status of the staffing levels at the detachment.

At one time these kinds of reviews from the local detachment made for a fair bit of discussion around the City Council table. With the Mayor and Council reviewing trends and looking for ways to improve on the numbers.

On occasion, the Inspector in Charge would deliver the report to Council in person and field any questions that Council may have had regarding the statistical review. (A practice that still takes place in some BC communities).

Those appearances also provided the opportunity for the RCMP to outline what resources it may require from the city, which could assist in their day to day operations.

Of late, the statistical review it would seem is mainly provided as a background item for review, part of the Information package provided to Council prior to their scheduled sessions.

For the most part it is rarely even mentioned in passing in Council, either by the City's councillors by way of the Mayor's report that brings each council session to an end.

For those looking to learn more about the efforts of the local RCMP detachment, you can review the report here  (pages 1- 11 of the Information package)

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