Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Barry Cunningham outlines his "common sense" approach to Council candidacy

With the days dwindling towards Saturday's Municipal election, our mailboxes are starting to fill up with the last week of reviews as to what each candidate for Prince Rupert council has to offer.

The most recent flyer to drop arrive at your door is from incumbent Councillor Barry Cunningham. Who with a by-election victory under his belt from last year, now seeks his first full four year term of office, a quest for office based on a number of priorities.

Among the key issues for Mr. Cunningham in this campaign, the need for affordable housing and an  improvement in relations between the Port of Prince Rupert and our North West neighbours.

Those are both themes that he used successfully last year when he claimed the Council seat vacated by MLA Jennifer Rice.

On the theme of economic development he provides his view that any of the major projects proposed for the region must benefit Prince Rupert as a whole.

The ongoing challenges of infrastructure requirements also finds some space in his household mailer, with Mr. Cunningham reinforcing his approach of pursuing further discussion with the two levels of senior government to seek assistance in replacing the aging bridges and water and sewer lines.

You can review more of his talking points from the items below, which in addition to his slate of issues also provide some background on the candidate and his path to municipal politics.  Though it is curious that some of his work on behalf of labour didn't gain much of a mention with his campaign literature, as both he and Councillor Thorkelson have provided strong contributions on issues related to workers and social issues in the community, particularly in the last year.

Many of the themes from his home mailer were reviewed during last week's City Council Forum at the Lester Centre, for those that may have missed the event, it is now available on line  (see here).

Offering up an opportunity to review all of the council candidates positions heading towards the Election on Saturday.

For more items from the 2014 Municipal Election campaign see our archive page here.

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