Friday, November 7, 2014

City to consider allowing for commercial space on old Cow Bay Rail Bridge Deck

An interesting proposal for commercial development was presented to Prince Rupert City Council on Monday evening, as Mayor Jack Musallem put forward the idea of allowing for commercial use for the old railway bridge deck in the Cow Bay area directly in front of Breakers Pub.

Mayor Mussallem outlined how there could some use made of the old rail bridge platform, suggesting that it might be a suitable location for small buildings, which would add to the commercial sector options of the City's Cow Bay area.

Mayor Mussallem suggests that commercial
development could take place on the old
railway bridge decking along the Cow Bay Bridge

The Mayor provided some background on the history of the bridge deck and the structure's stability and the opportunity that it offers for some economic development for the area.

Councillor Garon took part in the conversation, agreeing that it was a good idea and advising that it was something that she had looked at fifteen years, but council of the day was on board with the plan.

She wondered if that property could be sold, and what options the city has for the space.  The Mayor advised was advised that as it was over the waterway he wasn't sure it could be sold. He tasked City Staff to investigate the project further and to report back to council

The topic is reviewed at the 51 minute mark of the City Council Video Archive.

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