Friday, November 7, 2014

As Prince Rupert prepares to remember on November 11th, some of our stories come to life

As we take time to pause on Tuesday to remember the sacrifices of those that have fought in the wars of the last century and to think of those who serve the nation today, the opportunity to learn more about some of the contributions of the sons of Prince Rupert can be found as close as a book store or a library.

A new book has just been released, co-authored by the CBC's Mark Forsythe and author Greg Dickson, and published by Harbour Publishing.

A collection of stories rich in British Columbia history when it comes to the accounts of those that went to battle on behalf of King and Country during the First World War.

From the West Coast to the Western Front compiles numerous stories of British Columbians in battle during those tumultuous years of the Great War.

Among the many contributions to the compilation, are three story essays from Prince Rupert, submitted by students who as the book was being put considered were attending Charles Hays Secondary.

The three contributions come as part of a project from Diane Rabel, who led a tour of Charles Hays students to France two years ago.

The journey taking the students to a number of historical locations in Europe, including the hallowed ground of Vimy, France, scene of some of Canada's greatest victories and at times, most horrific events of the First World War.

Ms. Rabel provided a short outline of the student's journey to France for the project, her accounts of that trip can be found on pages 94 and 95.

As part of that tour of Europe, students were required to research a Prince Rupert soldier who had participated in the First World War, three of the stories were selected for the new publication, those stories appear on pages 94 through 98:

The Prince Rupert contributions recount the stories from the fields of Europe of the following soldiers:

Devin Harris-- Lieutenant Adair Carss, 102nd Battalion, CEF (1891-1916)
Kenny Ree-Hembling-- Captain Donald MacKenzie Moore, 16th Battalion, CEF, (1877-1915)
Seamus McConville-- Private Frederick Farran Bradshaw Darley, PPCLI (1891-1916)

The book has been available for a little over a month now, locally you can ask to see if they can get a copy for you at Eddie's News on Second Avenue West, or stop in at the Prince Rupert Library and see if its available there.

You can also take advantage of the range of online options from Amazon, Chapters and Munro's Books to name a few, all of which currently have the book in stock.

The volume of stories weaves a rich history of British Columbia's efforts in the First World War, with the Prince Rupert biographies, courtesy of Ms. Rabel's CHSS Grads, bringing the memories of over 100 years ago to life for all of us today.

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