Friday, November 7, 2014

Mayor's Advertising Push pivots towards Council's achievements as voting day nears

There was a shift in the advertising plan for Mayor Mussallem this week, as his ad buy, which doubled in Wednesday's edition of the weekly paper, changed the tone and direction of his political positioning just a bit.

The first of two ads
highlighting some new themes 

for Mayor Mussallem
The new discussion points coming after a rather testy Election Forum session found the Mayor's approach to his challengers and in particular his comments directed to Mayoralty candidate Lee Brain, providing for a bit of a negative reaction from the audience at the Lester Centre on Tuesday evening.

The Mayor's first advertising offering this week, moved away from his theme of experience and the concerns he has had in the past over what he believes are the untested challengers.

Instead, the latest talking points are providing for a review of his and City Council's work in the last year.

Among his points for the public to consider:

The Council's work on the Community Development Plan,

Consideration of Business opportunities on a portion of Lot 444,

Development of an (in city) airline passenger arrival/departure Centre,

Consideration of a new Marina Development,

And the prospect of potential leasing opportunities for the Cow Bay Area.

A second ad for the week from
Mayor Mussallem, returning
to more familiar themes
The second ad for the week, focused on the theme of availability, with the Mayor outlining how there's "one door at City Hall, that's always Open".

Putting forward his latest message that enquiries about the city are always welcome and where service to the residents is the first consideration.

The follow up ad also focuses on his ten years of service to the community and touches on his constant message of the campaign of knowledge, experience and solid performance.

Returning if just for a moment on his previous themes related to his many years of experience on Council.

The Ad campaigns appear to be the only method of the moment that the Mayor is employing to get his messages across, while other Candidates have set up websites, taken to social media and delivered pamphlets to local residences.

The Mayor for now would seem to be relying on his past work at Council and the deliver of the weekly newspaper as his main approach towards his re-election bid.

He'll find out how the public has taken to that message in just eight more days, when Prince Rupert goes to the polls on November 15th.

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