Monday, November 10, 2014

Sea Breeze Wind Power Project proposal for Mount Hays makes some headway

MET Tower diagram similar to what
would be located on Mount Hays

A few years back, the prospect of wind turbines dotting the mountainside of Mount Hays seemed as though but a few days away, the road however to those proposals wasn't quite as fast arriving as many might have thought.

Map area of Mount Hays
Red Squares are MET tower
locations for Investigative phase
However, it would seem that Wind Power is making a return to the conversation on the North Coast, with the first bit of movement on the prospect delivered to the Province late last month.

Sea Breeze Power Corporation has had its Mount Hays proposal listed as an Application Under Review at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations.

With Sea Breeze seeking an Investigative Licence for an area on the eastward facing side of Mount Hays running along the highway towards Port Edward.

You can review the Management Plan here, outlining the nature of the project that Sea Breeze Power Corporation has filed with the Province regarding their proposal.

Of interest is the range of expected activities and impacts that are listed for the Mount Hays Wind Farm project, which outlines how the company plans to address a number of local issues and engagements.

The timeline for the installation of the MET Towers is expected to start sometime in 2015, with one tower to be installed initially, with other towers to be installed to fill any gaps in information recovery.

Background on the Application for the Investigative phase can be found here.

The archives are still rather sparse when it comes to entries related to Wind Power projects for the region.

With the application from Sea Breeze to seek its investigative licence, it seems we may soon be hearing much more about the prospects of developing that industry further in the region.

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