Monday, November 10, 2014

District of Port Edward considering zoning change to allow Gravel Quarry near Prudhomme Lake area

With the prospect of increased industrial projects on the way for the North Cost, the District of Port Edward is giving consideration to a Temporary Use Permit for the Development of a Quarry to produce gravel near the Prud'homme Lake area.

The proposed project will require the changing of the zoning of the land in question. shifting its use from its current listing of  C2, Tourist/Commercial to that of MI Light Industrial. 

In addition to the active quarry operations, should the zoning change be approved, once the land has been levelled, there is the possibility of it being used as a lay down / storage area.

Residents of the District had opportunity to review the documentation on the proposed change to the zoning at the District Office.

The matter will be considered by the District for further action, with the item seemingly included in the Agenda for Port Edward Council on Wednesday.

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