Friday, November 7, 2014

Wantage Road area targeted by Council as a Major Project staging area

Making use of the land where the old Prince Rupert Landfill site was once located is one option that City Council is putting in motion, with an eye towards utilizing the area along Wantage road for use in relation to any proposed major developments in the area for the years to come.

Council reviewed the proposal from staff, calling on the City Manager to expand a bit on what the City has in mind as far as development of the area that runs between Wantage Road, towards the city side across the boundary of the golf course.

Proposed Wantage Road zone for development
related to major industrial projects proposed for the City
Mr.  Robert Long explained that the proposal is something that he called outside the normal thinking, providing for temporary zoning with major industrial developments in mind.

The temporary change in designation, would allow for the development of projects such as work camps and lay down areas that are attributable to the possibility of some major development, such as that for the proposed LNG projects for the area.

He suggested that the project would make the city more pro-active for those potential developments. Seeking to have the City accommodate those businesses that may be taking part in the major projects of the area.

He also outlined how it would show that community is open and available to house those that are involved with the major projects.  He observed on the desired prospect of having the city reuse areas such as the old Wantage area dump location for this kind of project.

Mr. Long explained that once the major projects had been completed a term of perhaps fifteen years, the areas would be returned to the city and be able to be used for other purposes.

Councillor Ashley also spoke in favour of the proposed development area and agreed to the concept of re purposing of the land and accessing the ability to get it back in better shape, highlighting that as a positive aspect of the plan.

More background on the proposal was provided for Council as part of their Agenda package, you can review that from pages 38 to 48 (see here), included in that package were a pair of diagrams which outline the scope of the area and the potential use that could be made of it.

Overview of proposed land use area

Overview of potential use of
Wantage Road lands 

As for a notification zone regarding the public hearing, after discussion between the Mayor and Councillors Cunningham and Thorkelson, the areas of the city along 9th Avenue West and the Haysvale Trailer park, as well as above on Summit and Omenica would added to the extended notification area.

The Mayor reminded Council that once the notice is published, anyone in the community can attend the hearing.

Council will consider the Wantage Road proposal at the November 24th Council session. Notices will be published in the community to alert residents to the proposal and their opportunity to comment on it.

You can review discussion related to the Wantage Road proposal can be found through the City's Video Archive, starting at the 31 minute point and wrapping up by the 41 minute mark.

A full review of the November 3rd Council session can be found on our Timeline feature.

For more items related to City Council discussions see our Council archive page.

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