Monday, October 2, 2017

Marine Speakers Series launches for 2017-18 tonight with talk on Aquatic Plastic Pollution

The popular North Coast Marine Speaker's Series initiative hosted by the North Coast Cetacean Research Institute returns this evening, with the local program featuring Rhiannon Moore, who will introduce the topic of Aquatic Plastic Pollution in our lakes, rivers and oceans and the issues that this form of pollution is causing for marine life.

Ms. Moore, a graduate of the University of Waterloo, is currently working on her Master os Science, taking on duties as a research assistant under the direction of Doctor Peter Ross of the Coastal Ocean Research Institute.

Her work so far has taken her to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve where she has been studying the increasing problems associated with plastic on shorelines. From that study she has become a strong advocate towards educating others on the issue and the need to turn the tide on plastic pollution.

She also is working as a researcher as part of this Canada C3 expedition, the vessel Polar Prince is currently tied up at Cow Bay as the expedition completes its journey with stops to come on Haida Gwaii, the central coast and Vancouver Island.

Tonight's session takes place at Northwest Community College on Fifth Street, the discussion gets underway at 7PM

For more information about some of the initiatives from the North Coast Cetacean Research Institute follow Caitlin Birdsall through her twitter feed.

Some additional background on the work of the Institute can be reviewed here.

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