Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pinnacle Pellet success celebrated by BC Business magazine

Shipment numbers are increasing through the Westview
Terminal as Pinnacle Pellet gains recognition for a successful year in BC

(photo from Pinnacle Pellet photo stream)

The growing footprint of Pinnacle Pellet in British Columbia made for a recent feature article in the magazine B.C. Business, as the publication celebrated the awarding of Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Award in the Business to Business category.

Noting how Pinnacle has been in the wood pellet production business for 27 years, generating employment for 250 employees in seven B.C. communities (including Prince Rupert)  the article focuses a fair bit on how the company coped with the wildfire season of this summer and the impact that it had on their Interior operations.

One bit of news relayed through the article comes through some background into the 85 million dollar investment that Pinnacle has proposed for a massive production facility in Entwistle, Alberta.

That facility will be adding Alberta sourced wood into the stream of shipments that arrive by rail and leave Prince Rupert by ship destined for world markets.

That expansion for Pinnacle, along with the production from its British Columbia plants will translate into larger shipment volumes from the Prince Rupert facility.

The latests statistics released from the Prince Rupert Port Authority highlight the growing numbers of product that is shipped out of the Westview terminal.

The August figures note that the Terminal shipped slightly more product from the same time last year, with the year to date numbers also on the rise, with 696,345 tonnes of wood pellets shipped since the start of the year, a 62,000 tonne increase from the 2016 numbers.

You can review the full article here.

More notes related to the Pinnacle Pellet shipment terminal at Westview can be found on our archive page.

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