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Health Archives for 2018 -- Northern Health Backgrounders

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Northern Health's policies and events involving Health Issues across Northern BC and on the North Coast.

For items specific to Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert Regional Hospital see our archive page here.

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December 24 -- Mayor Brain wades into Boil Water discussion on Social Media over the weekend NCR
December 21 -- Water hasn't had significant impact on hospital Northern Health
December 21 -- Northern Health hopes new programs improve nurse recruitment in northeast and northwest
December 21 -- Nurses' Union president told not to drink the water in Prince Rupert
December 20 -- Boil water notice in Prince Rupert expected to last another week
December 20 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water Advisory extended indefinitely for further testing
December 20 -- All we want for Christmas is some clean water
December 20 -- Like the city's water itself, the city's information flow on the water situation is a little bit murky  NCR
December 19 -- City updates its notes on the Boil Water Advisory, which will continue for another week at minimum  NCR
December 19 -- Rupert Water Advisory (video)
December 19 -- Concern over increased use of E-cigarettes among youth
December 18 -- Northern Connections bus moves to holiday schedule next week  NCR
December 18 -- PG 5th for mid-year overdose deaths
December 17 -- Northern Health Connections routes begin holiday closures
December 17 -- Boil Water Advisory continues in Prince Rupert
December 17 -- Christmas Schedule about to kick in for Northern Health's Connections Bus Service
December 17 -- Northern Health Connections modifies holiday schedule
December 17 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water Advisory continued
December 17 -- New Haisla Nation Health Centre to wrap up construction by next winter
December 17 -- Northern Health Connections to make last runs for 2018
December 17 -- Residents hoard water as Prince Rupert's Safeway restocks its shelves
December 17 -- Boil Water Advisory Continues in Prince Rupert
December 17 -- With flu season about to ramp up in BC; Northern Health reminds residents of their care facility policies NCR
December 17 -- Northern Health Connections modified holiday schedule (NH Statement)
December 16 -- Microscopic parasite found in Prince Rupert water affecting thousands 
December 16 -- Mayor's update through Facebook offers up further details on City's water issues  NCR
December 14 -- Work begins on a new Haisla health centre
December 14 -- Boil Water Notice issues for Prince Rupert following Storm Surge Event
December 14 -- Boil water notice in effect for Prince Rupert
December 14 -- Boil Water Notice in effect in Prince Rupert  NCR
December 13 -- Santa Spreads Christmas Spirit at UHNBC
December 13 -- Smithers Council flips decision on bylaw, will allow CT Scanner to be brought in
December 12 -- Prince George has one of the highest rates of Opioid Hospitalizations in the Country
December 11 -- Smithers Council reverses CT scan vote
December 11 -- Terrace's Safe needle task force moves ahead with Clean Team initiative, grant applications 
December 10 -- Nurses wanted, Northern Health promotes Prince Rupert in new video
December 7 -- Northern Bio Bank initiative could revolutionize medical research in the north
December 7 -- Northern Health raises concerns over mixing alcohol, cannabis at Holiday parties
December 6 -- Prince Rupert has no midwives - but one advocacy group is pushing to change that (audio)
December 5 -- Two long-term Northern Health Board members to retire at year's end
December 5 -- Recognizing retiring members: NHL board Meeting highlights (NH Statement)
December 5 -- Northern Health Tests Recycling program
December 5 -- Foundry Prince George Educates About Youth Mental Health
December 5 -- Northern health partners with First Nations Health Authority to bring Telehealth to the North
December 5 -- Call widens for local benefits tied to new Mills Memorial project 
December 4 -- Transplant Recipient Gives Back
December 4 -- Government reaches tentative agreement with health service workers' union
December 3 -- Northern Health and UNBC refresh Memorandum of Understanding


November 29 -- Controversial comments spark backlash against Northern Health
November 29 -- Northern Health under fire after offensive commenter claims to work for them
November 28 -- UNBC researchers leading $1.3 million project to enhance Indigenous health care
November 28 -- Ground Breaking Research out of UNBC
November 28 -- Northern Health probing series of racist posts targeting Indigenous people
November 28 -- Council gambles with future of  BV hospitals new CT room
November 28 -- CT scanner 'paused' after council denies variance
November 27 -- Opioid Crisis Not Slowing Down
November 27 -- Tentative agreement reached for BC nurses
November 27 -- Doctor drawn back to hometown
November 26 -- 'Anti-Indigenous racism is a reality in healthcare,' says UNBC researcher
November 26 -- Research project aims to enhance Indigenous health care
November 26 -- Advocacy grows for midwifery services in Prince Rupert
November 26 -- Midwifery Services in need of funds
November 23 -- 12 overdoses in three days in Prince George  (NH Statement)
November 22 -- MLA to push for local involvement in new Mills construction
November 21 -- Prince George physician to be honoured for transforming local health care
November 19 -- UHNBC overcrowded
November 19 -- Use hospital only if necessary, Northern Health urges
November 16 -- Surgeon specialized in gender-affirming procedures coming to Northern BC
November 15 -- Terrace Safe Needle Disposal Task Force to hear back on funding tomorrow
November 14 -- FirstLink Dementia Helpline launched for North Coast and across BC  NCR
November 13 -- First Link Dementia Helpline to help those affected by dementia
November 13 -- Run tap water to get ride of brown colour, Village of Burns Lake says
November 13 -- Province reaches tentative agreement with health science employees
November 13 -- Northern Health looking for Hearth health feedback
November 13 -- Research Chairs Named to UNBC
November 9 -- Burns Lake, Communities to the east under air quality advisory
November 9 -- Ketchikan City to consider new lease, or options for hospital management
November 8 -- Northern Haida Gwaii Hospital warms up to biomass proposal
November 8 -- New Legislation aims to improve working conditions for health care aides
November 8 -- Flu season is here: Take the shot or wear a mask
November 7 -- Telkwa car accident puts one person in hospital ...
November 7 -- Northern Health responds to Prince Rupert ophthalmology concerns
November 6 -- Councillor Cunningham looks to keep North Coast issues on health high on the agenda for Northern Health and the Minister  NCR
November 5 -- Rupert residents call on province to fill gap in medical eye care
November 3 -- Dementia facility one step closer
November 2 -- Dr. Brian Goldman on the health impacts of changing clocks (audio)
November 1 -- Prince Rupert Flu shots (video)
November 1 -- UHNBC among top hospitals at getting patients back home quickly


October 31 -- 'Not all Meds Get Along' says Northern Health
October 28 -- Have you reviewed your medication lately?
October 26 -- Not all meds get along
October 26 -- Mobile safe injection coming to Prince George
October 26 -- PeaceHealth Ketchikan hires new psychiatrist
October 26 -- Not All Meds Get Along - Canadian Patient Safety week 2018 (NH Statement)
October 25 -- Primary and Community Care transformation is hard: how one nurse change her perspective
October 24 -- New doctor at Peace Health Medical Group on POW
October 24 -- Oral health education program in Houston
October 24 -- Oral Health Education in Houston
October 23 -- Don't miss the flu clinics
October 19 -- Prince George business owners kick in to start needle buy-back program
October 19 -- Residents taking advantage of assisted dying
October 19 -- Cancer Centre Research is Cutting Edge (video)
October 18 -- Air Quality Advisory Remains in Effect for Vanderhoof, Lifted for Burns Lake
October 18 -- Northern Health says Skakun's Needle buy-back has 'unintended harms'
October 18 -- Needle Buy Back coming to PG
October 18 -- Wildfires, hearth health and hospital projects: NH Board meeting highlights   (NH Statement)
October 17 -- Healthier You Expo to feature BobyBreak's Hal and Joanne
October 17 -- Air Quality Advisory Issued for Vanderhoof
October 17 -- Air Quality Advisory in Effect for Burns Lake
October 17 -- Air quality advisory issued for Vanderhoof and Burns Lake
October 17 -- Prince George surgical tower still on Health Minister's radar
October 16 -- Northern Health flu shot roll out set for later this month  NCR
October 15 -- Overdose crisis funding distribution stops at Smithers for this round of government action  NCR
October 14 -- The POUNDS project (video)
October 12 -- New Physicians to support primary care in Fort St. James Area
October 12 -- Call for a Sobering Centre in the City (video)
October 12 -- Improving access to family medicine in Fort St. James  (NH Statement)
October 12 -- Open House to Introduce new harm reduction program in Prince George  (video)
October 11 -- Choosing what's best for baby
October 10 -- Updated flu vaccines to be available at the end of October
October 10 -- New tool to help Houston fight drug addiction
October 9 -- Reaction to new Hospital coming to Fort St. James
October 9 -- New Hospital for Fort. St. James (video)
October 9 -- Health Care Announcement in Fort St James
October 9 -- New Fort St. James hospital advanced to business plan stage
October 9 -- Concept plan approved for new Fort St. James Hospital
October 9 -- It's official: New Hospital approved for Fort St. James  (NH Statement)
October 5 -- Without volunteers, Red Cross equipment loan depot may close
October 5 -- Vanderhoof Air Quality Needs Help
October 4 -- BV Health Care and Hospital Fundraising Gala raises $55,000
October 4 -- Northern Health to seek conversation on Heart Health services in Northwest  NCR
October 2 -- Needle return rate better than 90 per cent, public health officer says
October 2 -- Bulkley Valley Health Gala raised an estimated $60,000
October 1  -- Funds raised for Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation (video)
October 1 -- Mental Illness Awareness week (video)
October 1 -- Mental health awareness week


September 28 -- UHNBC Nurses stressed
September 28 -- Flu shot this year updated to protect against influenza A & B
September 27 -- Committee Board Members Go Beyond Job requirements for 7th annual fundraising gala
September 27 -- Healthy Heart tour makes Smithers stop tonight
September 26 -- Safe needle disposal 'clean team' a possibility for Terrace
September 26 -- Burns Lake Hospital partially shuts down heating system for about 48 hours
September 26 -- Burns Lake resident close to reaching her blood donation goal
September 26 -- Northern Health professional outlines the best ways to deal with workplace burnout
September 26 -- Flu season is on its way
September 25 -- UNBC researcher named Banting Fellow
September 24 -- Imagine Grant application period comes to close at end of month, up to 5,000 dollars available for health related programs  NCR
September 23 -- Not all breakfast cereals created equal
September 22 -- Too many patients at Prince George's UHNBC
September 21 -- Skakun defends position on needles
September 21 -- Use Prince George hospital only if necessary, Northern Health urges
September 21 -- Northern Health dietitian challenges new study on junk food withdrawal symptoms
September 21 -- NMP researcher looking for expectant moms
September 21 -- Work continues to improve patient flow and reduce congestion at UHNBC (NH Statement)
September 13 -- Second new medical clinic opens in Terrace
September 19 -- Still unclear if Houston will benefit from new opioids crisis funding
September 10 -- Northern Health to Start Heart Healthy Community consultations (video)
September 10 -- Heart Health - Northern Health set to begin community consultations across the region  (NH Statement)
September 8 -- Community groups can now apply for IMAGINE grants


August 31 -- Apply now! Imagine Grants of up to $5,000 launch September 1 2018 (NH Statement)
August 27 -- Bottled water being served to patients while water quality in Prince Rupert hospital investigated  (audio)
August 24 -- Haida Gwaii study calls for better reporting of disease outbreaks
August 22 -- Stay indoors and take it easy to cope with wildfire smoke
August 24 -- Drinking water concerns at northern B.C. Hospital
August 21 -- Air Quality concerns for Northern BC (video)
August 18 -- Applications open for sonography program at CNC
August 17 -- New era coming to Smithers hospital's radiology department
August 16 -- Northern Health transferring patients from Stuart Lake to Fort St. James
August 16 -- Stuart Lake Hospital (Fort St. James) - advance patient transfers  (NH Statement)
August 16 -- Northern Health offers tips to avoid smoke inhalation
August 15 -- CNC launching sonography program
August 14 -- Northern Health releases quarter 4 hand hygiene reports (2017-18) (NH Statement)
August 24 -- NH Connections extending routes to Pouce Coupe (NH Statement)
August 10 -- Northern Health releases medical services list for evacuees seeking shelter in Terrace
August 8 -- Access to medical specialists a concern: Burns Lake council
August 6 -- New mental health drop-in clinic for Prince Rupert 
August 4 -- Hot temperatures can have negative impact on pregnant women
August 2 -- Motorcyclist taken to Smithers hopsital after collision downtown
August 3 -- August brings bounty of job opportunities in Health Care for Prince Rupert  NCR
August 2 -- Reuse and washing of condoms not advised: Northern Health
August 2 -- "It's quite serious:" EpiPen shortage combined with wasp boom has community pharmacist worried (audio)
August 2 -- Witset water issues (video)
August 1 -- Witset low on water
August 1 -- Wildfire smoke sparks air quality advisory


July 31 -- EpiPen shortage across Canada
July 31 -- No Hospital admissions for Heat-related illnesses during Heatwave: Northern Health
July 31 -- Advocacy group looks to meet Northwest Doctors during August tour of region  NCR
July 30 -- Northern Health sends a friendly reminder amidst these Hot and Smoky Conditions
July 29 -- Blue-Green algae tips for summer 2018 - have fun but be safe around the lake  (NH Statement)
July 27 -- Witset's water supply issues (video)
July 27 -- Critical water situation in Witset
July 26 -- Warm weather may bring algae blooms
July 25 -- New lung clinic to be named after Nelson Kinney
July 25 -- Council members vote to donate unused honorarium for Nelson Kinney, funds to be put towards clinic to be created in his name  NCR
July 23 -- More doctors for Terrace (video)
July 23 -- Retired chief medical health officer not backing down from smelter concerns
July 23 -- Council to consider contribution for COPD clinic to be created in memory of Nelson Kinney NCR
July 22 -- PG receives funding to address overdose crisis
July 20 -- Terrace could see seven new physicians by September
July 20 -- Witset water system overloaded by sediment
July 18 -- More funding to combat overdose crisis (video)
July 18 -- Witset shuts down operations at water treatment plant
July 18 -- Kitsumkalum Walk for Health raises $17,500 for new hospital microscope
July 17 -- Northern Health says over 90 percent of Used Needles recovered (video)
July 17 -- Northern Health praises new CATT online tool to help detect and prevent  concussions
July 17 -- Uncertainty on what mental health addictions model will look like in the North
July 17 -- Northern Health says over 90 percent of Used Needles recovered (video)
July 17 -- Northern Health praises new CATT online tool to help detect and prevent concussions
July 16 -- Needle Alley
July 16 -- New physicians to join northwest communities in coming months
July 12 -- Debbie Strang honoured as Health Care Hero
July 12 -- Five employees sent to hospital following industrial incident at Fairview Terminal NCR
July 11 -- Five container yard employees hospitalized after being exposed to 'unknown substance'
July 11 -- Terrace Red Cross holding open House 
July 11 -- Terrace home to province's newest youth support centre
July 5 -- Ammonia leak at Jim Ciccone Civic Centre (video)
July 5 -- Haida Gwaii joins forum on sustaining local maternity care
July 4 -- Two car crashes in Terrace (video)
July 4 -- Fundraisers near halfway mark to goal for Nelson Kinney Memorial Lung Clinic  NCR
July 4 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue responds to incident at Civic Centre, with reports of an ammonia leak at Arena NCR
July 2 -- Northern Health Warning on Algae Bloom (video)


June 30 -- Globe-trotting MD calls Prince George home
June 29 -- Blue-Green Algae safety tips: Northern Health
June 29 -- Blue-green algae tips for summer 2018 - have fun but be safe around the lake (NH Statement)
June 27 -- Practical nursing program fills many needs
June 26 -- Terrace to be host of FOUNDRY facility for the Northwest (video)
June 26 -- 'We need hundreds of Dr. Hougesens'
June 26 -- Northern Medical Program changed everything
June 26 -- Northern Health records lowest amount of drowning deaths in B.C. at 66
June 26 -- Foundry Centre Announced for Terrace
June 26 -- Terrace will be the newest site of youth mental health support program
June 26 -- Province names Terrace as latest community to host Foundry Youth Centre program  NCR
June 24 -- Mobile emergency unit ready to roll in Skeena Valley
June 17 -- Smithers Hotel Hazmat situation sends nine to Hospital
June 16 -- Kids fall ill during maintenance at Smithers pool
June 14 -- Northern Health Board of Directors Meeting Highlights
June 14 -- A decade of IMAGINE-ing healthy communities: NH Board meeting highlights  (NH Statement)
June 13 -- Work starts in inpatient unit at UNHBC
June 13 -- New UHNBC Unit to support patients during Hospital stay in Prince George (video)
June 13 -- New medical clinic opens in Terrace
June 13 -- New inpatient unit begins construction at UNNBC Prince George
June 13 -- New unit at UHNBC to focus on patient abilities, mobility, during hospital stay (NH Statement)
June 10 -- Motion passes to start long Bulkley Valley District Hospital replacement process
June 8 -- Northern Health Authority expands medical bus use


May 31 -- Northern Health expands Connections bus service with new guidelines  NCR
May 30 -- Northern Connection bus expansion (video)
May 30 -- Northern Health buses fill accessibility gap
May 30 -- Northern Health Connections bus service expands eligibility
May 30 -- Northern Health expands connection service
May 30 -- Northern Health Connections expands their passenger eligibility
May 30 -- Clientele for Northern Health Connections expanded
May 30 -- New rules allow more people to use Northern Health bus service
May 30 -- Grant provides Ketchikan's PeaceHealth with neonatal equipment
May 30 -- Northern Health Connections expands eligibility to improve access to health-related travel  (NH Statement)
May 27 -- Maternal Operating Room at UHNBC in Prince George gets funding
May 20 -- Smithers Nurses celebrated during National Nurses week
May 18 -- SEARHC awards healthy living grant to Petersburg Indian Association
May 18 -- New Northwest Health-care program hopes for big change
May 17 -- Reach Out in Northern BC
May 16 -- Trans Fats Ban in Canada Supported by Northern Health Dietitian
May 16 -- Employer health tax may strain local governments
May 15 -- LRB rejects complaint from care aide fired for using patient's bank card, cashing cheque
May 14 -- Med students offered First Nations cultural experience
May 11 -- Special Visitors at UHNBC (video)
May 11 -- More than 30 Doctors graduate today (video)
May 10 -- Fentanyl deaths on the rise in Prince George
May 10 -- Extracting kindness, one tooth at a time
May 10 -- Overdose numbers spike in March of this year
May 10 -- Healthcare in Northern BC will be a priority going forward: BCNU president
May 9 -- Spirit of the North Gives Spring Grant to Northern Health
May 9 -- Bursary clears way for Indigenous health students
May 9 -- Spirit of the North gives Spring grant to Northern Health
May 9 -- Specialized care now accessed in Terrace
May 9 -- Terrace hospital visitor nabbed for DUI in parking lot
May 8 -- Northern Health Receives Grant
May 7 -- Maternal Mental Health put into the spotlight by BC Children's Hospital
May 4 -- UNBC prof re-appointed Canada Research Chair
May 4 -- Air Ambulance service on the North Coast gains Night Vision operations  NCR
May 2 -- Houston to host "Walk with your doctor' event


April 30 -- TelePICU connects northern pediatric patients with specialist care  (NH Statement)
April 30 -- Government Health and BC Children's Hospital bring better child care to Terrace
April 30 -- Travelling Healthcare Roadshow
April 27 -- Second medical clinic receives development permit
April 26 -- Mental Health patients face barriers to cancer treatments
April 25 -- Cardiac monitors for the hospital
April 24 -- Prince George Overdose prevention site expanding
April 20 -- Northern Health reminds people of marijuana risks, optimistic about legalization
April 19 -- City of Prince Rupert and Northern Health join forces to share information on Home source lead concerns in drinking water  NCR
April 19 -- 32 additional seats for NWCC Health Care Assistant training in Northwest and Haida Gwaii  NCR
April 18 -- Next steps for new Terrace Hospital discussed by Northern Health Board  (NH Statement)
April 18 -- First phase of business plan for Terrace Hospital replacement underway
April 17 -- Northern Health gets ready for more hip and knee surgeries
April 17 -- Recruiter strives to find docs for Terrace
April 17 -- Two new medical clinics to open in Terrace
April 14 -- BCNU explains what goes through the minds of healthcare providers in a code orange situation  
April 13 -- Health minister announces hip, knee surgery upgrades
April 13 -- Hip and knee surgeries in the North to increase by 12 per cent
April 13 -- BC Gov't aims to reduce wait times for hip and knee surgeries at UHNBC
April 13 -- Wait times and MRIs to be improved in North
April 13 -- Cardiac response notes outlined by MLA Rice in Legislature  NCR
April 13 -- Reduced wait times for knee, hip surgery and 70 per cent increase in MRIs in northern B.C. 
April 13 -- Health Minister to make announcement his morning
April 12 -- Healing concerts for Seniors
April 12 -- Northern Medical Society Sounds the Alarm (video)
April 12 -- Long term care system sees drastic improvement in Terrace
April 12 -- More contributions come in for North Coast Health Improvement project  NCR
April 11 -- Thirty-four overdoses reversed since opening of Prince George overdose prevention site
April 10 -- Music therapy making an impact
April 10 -- Community campaign aims to find more doctors
April 10 -- Wellness Expo kicks off its third year
April 10 -- Systemic racism in First Nations medical care the subject of visit
April 10 -- Code Orange similar throughout Canada: Northern Health
April 8 -- Use caution when choosing a weight-loss diet 
April 6 -- Northern Health helps provide kindergarten students with a healthy start in Smithers   (NH Statement)
April 6 -- Masset council repeats request for clearer hospital names
April 6 -- Feeling Orthopaedic Smithers? Ge in Line ... 
April 6 -- New Mission for Local Respiratory Therapist (video)
April 6 -- Healthier You Awards
April 6 -- Northern Health helps provide kindergarten students with a healthy start in Smithers (NH Statement)
April 6 -- Healthy beginning for Smithers children
April 5 -- Ketchikan Health billing transparency ordinance to go to a committee
April 5 -- Northern Health making changes to Fort St. James healthcare delivery
April 5 -- Northern Health tips for parents wanting to switch kids to plant-based diets
April 5 -- Province injects $11 million into MRI exams
April 4 -- Health-care billing regs back in front of Ketchikan City Council
April 4 -- Nursing students at CNC collecting Flip Flops for India
April 3 -- CNC Scrub drive raises $540 for Bursaries reaches $10K goal
April 3 -- Memorial Dinner creates Legacy (video)
April 3 -- Virtual Hospice: Providing Support Anywhere
April 3 -- Locals now driving to Kitimat for medical care
April 2 -- PG Hospice Society focusing on caregiver support
April 2 -- Hospice expanding services in Prince George


March 31 -- Occupational Mental Health will be topic at Speaker Series in PG
March 29 -- Northern Health says trying to address Terrace doctor shortage
March 28 -- Burns Lake bylaw clears way for medical pot facility
March 28 -- Rupert Mental Health findings (video)
March 28 -- Terrace doctor shortage getting worse
March 27 -- MRIs to increase by 70 per cent in Northern Healt next year
March 27 -- Northern Health to see 70% increase in MRI exams
March 27 -- New paramedic staffing a start, says Dix
March 27 -- Northern Health expected to perform 70% more MRI's in the next year
March 26 -- $200,000 upgrade needed for Prince Rupert's cancer care unit
March 25 -- Seniors advocate concerned about over-use of medication
March 22 -- Healthier You nominees on the rise
March 22 -- Northern Health probing muddy water at Prince Rupert facilities
March 22 -- Muddy water found in taps at Prince Rupert hospital prompts investigation
March 21 -- UNBC Naloxone Training a success
March 21 -- CT Scanner to aid Houston and area patients
March 20 -- Province to boost ER services at Mills Memorial
March 20 -- Northern Health seeks Bids for Water Quality Study for Prince Rupert facilities  NCR
March 19 -- Kordyban Lodge celebrates five years in Prince George (video)
March 19 -- Northern health healthcare lacking
March 19 -- Imagine Grant application period comes to close at end of month, up to 5,000 dollars available for health related programs   NCR
March 18 -- Diver airlifted following accident at navy shipwreck
March 17 -- Northern Health approves CT scanner for Smithers
March 16 -- Kordyban Lodge Celebrates Five Years
March 16 -- Kordbyan Lodge a place refuge for cancer survivor
March 16 -- Port of Prince Rupert, DP World combined forces with funding for Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine for Prince Rupert Regional Hospital  NCR
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Regional Hospital unveils new diagnostic ultrasound machine
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Regional Hospital Home of new diagnostic ultrasound machine
March 15 -- Rupert's new ultrasound means less travel for medical services
March 15 -- Port, DP World funding for Prince Rupert Hospital  (video)
March 14 -- Diver airlifted following accident at 1946 navy ship wreck
March 14 -- Skidegate breaks ground for new health and wellness centre
March 14 -- Ketchikan council to revisit health billing transparency ordinance
March 13 -- Cancer Centre allowing more choices in care: doctors
March 13 -- Colonial legacy a barrier for care, says local obstetrician
March 13 -- School District preparing for increased medical taxes
March 12 -- Northern Health's imagine community grants now open to applications
March 11 -- Firefighters raise $70,000 for UHNBC's 'littlest patients'
March 10 -- Bulkley Valley CT Scanner given the green light by Northern Health
March 10 -- New Mills hospital will bump up your taxes
March 10 -- Kitimat residents step forward to help hospital fund
March 9 -- IMAGINE community grants available to community groups, schools and other partners ((NH Statement))
March 9 -- Community Grants up for grabs from Northern Health
March 8 -- Dental students take oral health to the streets
March 8 -- Local Physician breaking down barriers for Women's Health
March 8 -- Northern Health approves CT scanner for Smithers
March 8 -- Skidegate breaks ground for new wellness centre
March 7 -- CT scanner approved for Bulkley Valley District Hospital (audio)
March 7 -- Cancer screening lacking for First Nations women
March 7 -- Ketchikan's PeaceHealth gift shop funds $30,000 for hospital needs
March 7 -- 20 percent nursing shortage reported in Prince Rupert
March 6 -- Air quality advisory issued for Smithers
March 5 -- Former Health Official to appear before Kitimat council
March 4 -- Mills Memorial Hospital financing formula released
March 3 -- Following critical report, Northern Health says recruiting efforts on the right track
March 3 -- New practice brings doctor back to her roots
March 2 -- Seniors advocate concerned about over-use of medication
March 2 -- How Kitimat got a surplus of nurses while most rural B.C. communities have a surplus 
March 1 -- Ketchikan Health billing transparency measure postponed
March 1 -- Heiltsuk, HEU win fight to keep local care aides in Bella Bella
March 1 -- UHNBC"s New Welcome sign honours Lheidli T'enneh territory
March 1 -- Hospital reaction (video)


February 28 -- Praise for UHNBC
February 28 -- Health billing ordinance in front of Ketchikan City Council
February 26 -- BCNU reacts to audit of Northern Health's nurse recruiting woes
February 23 -- Auditor General Report on Northern Health flags nursing vacancy rates; Prince Rupert among highest when it comes to shortages  NCR
February 22 -- Air quality advisory ended for Terrace
February 23 -- Art work welcomes UHNBC visitors in Carrier
February 23 -- UHNBC unveils artwork to honour host First Nation Territory
February 23 -- New work of art at UHNBC welcomes all to traditional territory of  Lheidli T'enneh (NH Statement)
February 23 -- Staff concerned over excessive UHNBC ticketing
February 23 -- Northern researches featured in high profile Lancet Journal
February 22 -- Audit of Nursing conducted by Auditor General
February 22 -- Rural areas in Northern BC not filling nursing positions
February 22 -- Northern Health falling far short of nurse recruitment goals: Auditor General
February 22 -- Patient safety at risk due to lack of nurses in northern B.C., auditor general finds
February 22 -- More focus on urgent care, nurse practitioners among notes from MLA Rice's statement to Legislature on NDP plans for Health Care  NCR
February 21 -- Northwest Taxpayers to cover 30 percent of new hospital replacement
February 21 -- Mills Memorial Hospital financing formula released
February 21 -- New hospital cost to taxpayers still unknown
February 20 -- St. John Hospital flooding preliminary cause determined, restoration work begins (NH Statement)
February 20 -- BC Budget will help nurses: Acting Union president
February 20 -- Northern Health focusing on recruitment
February 20 -- Northern Health works on recruitment strategies
February 20 -- 2018 recruitment and retention strategies among board meeting highlights (NH Statement)
February 19 -- Northern Health claims moderate success in 2017 recruitment
February 19 -- B.C. doctor who returned to her small hometown to practice shares ideas on how to get others to do the same
February 16 -- Unused mascot illustrates the plight of isolated B.C. seniors
February1 5 -- Well recognized PG Brain injury association celebrating 30 years
February 14 -- Vanderhoof hospital remains open after weekend flooding
February 14 -- New Cardiac Care plan coming to UHNBC (video)
February 14 -- With Mills Memorial Announcement, North Coast officials will need to remain watchful on local health services  NCR
February 14 -- Vanderhoof hospital remains open after weekend flooding
February 11 -- Air quality advisory issued for Prince George
February 11 -- Air quality advisory in effect for Prince George
February 11 -- Air quality advisory in effect for Smithers
February 11 -- New hospital staffer receives rent subsidy
February 10 -- Air quality advisory for Vanderhoof
February 9 -- New hospital approved for Terrace
February 9 -- Province announces plans for new hospital in Terrace
February 9 -- Nurses had to evacuate Masset hospital using personal vehicles
February 9 -- New Hospital for Terrace approved
February 9 -- B.C. Health Minister announces plan for new hospital in Terrace
February 9 -- New hospital for Terrace
February 9 -- Mills Memorial Hospital announcement (video)
February 8 -- Future of Mills Memorial Hospital to be announced Friday
February 5 -- Northern Health reports increasing use of emergency rooms during Flu season  NCR
February 4 -- Influezna affecting more people than normal: northern Health
February 3 -- Ensure your trip to the emergency department is warranted: Northern Health
February 2 --  Prince George to benefit from opioid crisis team
February 2 -- Flu trouble helps put hospital into overdrive
February 1 -- We've done a lot of important work: Northern Health on Overdoses


January 30 -- Digital mammography service open in Smithers
January 30 -- Northern Health reminding people of mental health supports in BC
January 30 -- ER at University Hospital in Prince George over crowded (video)
January 30 -- Public reminded about appropriate emergency department use  (NH Statement)
January 29 -- Bulkley Valley District Hospital celebrates improved access to breast cancer screening (NH Statement)
January 29 -- Allen narrowly wins Sitka hospital CEO contract extension
January 26 -- Haida Gwaii to join rural paramedics pilot project
January 26 -- Northern BC Donor recipients see modest increase in 2017
January 26 -- Show of Respect
January 26 -- Northern Health intrigued by BC Clean Air Coalition strategies, increased smoking age
January 25 -- First Nations connection will be priority for new provincial health officer
January 24 -- Patients have outlet for complaints
January 24 -- Harm reduction committee set up in Houston
January 24 -- Flu season hits Ketchikan
January 24 -- New Provincial Health office knows there's lots of issues to tackle in BC
January 23 -- New Indigenous Services ministry aiming to improve health, quality of life
January 23 -- B.C. Care Cards to expire in February
January 19 -- Unwanted medications collection on Haida Gwaii (NH Statement)
January 19 -- Cancer Care improvements the focus for North Coast Health Improvement Society in 2018  NCR
January 19 -- Loneliness a Widespread problem in Seniors
January 17 -- Terrace Relay for Life in need of volunteers (video)
January 17 -- Houston introduces Change program
January 15 -- Four influenza outbreaks in long-term care facilities in northern B.C. so far
January 12 -- Northern Health continues to stress availability of flu shot as flu season begins to take hold across British Columbia  NCR
January 8 -- Northwest could possibly get an air ambulance service
January 8 -- End is near for MSP premiums in B.C.
January 6 -- Mild influenza season so far: Northern Health 
January 5 -- Northern Health releases quarter1 and 2 hand hygiene reports (2017-2018) (NH Statement)
January 4 -- Influenza season mild in the North (video)
January 4 -- Bulkley Valley's first baby of 2018 is a Boy
January 4 -- Smithers' partnering for healthier communities committee to co-host Open House
January 4 -- Ketchikan's first baby of 2018 born Tuesday night
January 3 -- About 10 new HIV infections a year in northern BC
January 3 -- Houston in red zone of air quality standards
January 3 -- Local health providers applaud coverage of abortion drug
January 3 -- Local seniors growing at rapid pace in Burns Lake
January 2 -- Sitka Assembly approves upgrade of Sitka Community Hospital records system
January 2 -- One sent to hospital, three arrested following stabbing in Terrace
January 2 -- New Year baby (video)
January 2 -- Prince Rupert parents welcome New Year's Baby
January 2 -- Northern Health welcomes New Year's babies
January 1 -- First baby of 2018 born in Prince Rupert (NH Statement)
January 1 -- First baby of 2018 born in Prince George (NH Statement)

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