Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"A rich past and a bright future" -- Province of British Columbia celebrates North Pacific restoration work

Twenty three residents of the North Coast took advantage
of a Provincial government led program to learn trades
as part of ongoing restoration work at the North Pacific Cannery Historical Site
(photo from BC Gov't)

Creating jobs and preserving history made for the themes of a recent event at the North Pacific Cannery Historical site, as North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice celebrated the completion of a project that not only moved forward some of the Historical sites' restoration plans, but provided for trade skill development for a number of North Coast residents.

The program which saw restoration of the working dock, as well as a number of structural repairs to many of the buildings at North Pacific came through $237,000 in funding from the provincial government, as part of their Community and Employer partnerships.

Ms Rice noted how the opportunity for work at the historical site continues to provide for the training required by a local workforce for the years to come.

“As the North Coast continues to diversify its economy, to remain viable and strong, we need to be sure that our citizens are trained and have construction work experience,”  ...  “It’s through projects like the restoration of the North Pacific Cannery that people of the North Coast have received valuable skills, apprenticeship hours and the confidence to face a diversified economic future.”

Those training opportunities included valuable experience in such fields as carpentry, marine construction and heavy construction, and as Steve Milum, the conservation manager at North Pacific observed made for a rewarding experience for all involved.

“This Job Creation Partnership with the Province of B.C. has resulted in a team of apprentice carpenters and construction craft workers whose efforts have preserved our important local, regional and national heritage. The project has been rewarding for all partners, participants and the local community through job creation, skills building, local investment in tourism infrastructure and heritage preservation. I couldn’t be prouder of the results!”

You can learn more about the recent work at the Port Edward site from this background item from the Provincial government.

A chance to explore the latest additions to North Pacific Cannery Historical site will come a little later this spring when the facility opens for another year as one of the region's most popular of attractions.

To learn more about the facility that is hosted and operated by the District of Port Edward see the North Pacific website and Facebook page.

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