Tuesday, February 13, 2018

City Council Preview: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Prince Rupert City Council comes together tonight for the first 
Council session for February

The first Public Council session for February will find Council members receiving two presentations on safety on the night part of the petitions and delegations portion of the evenings work.

The First will be related to community safety measures taken to offer help to the city's LGBTQ population, as Constable Kayla Radford, of the Prince Rupert detachment outlines the new Safe Place program in the community.

The second presentation on the night one that will put the focus on a rather topical discussion point these days in the city, that of road safety. Chris Lightfoot from Complete Streets for Prince Rupert will outline a project that the group would like to see introduced in the community.

The remainder of the night will see Council members review recommendations for Municipal election officers for the upcoming October 20th election as well as request for a variance permit for a property on Ninth Avenue West.

Council members will also release information from a recent closed session of Council.

And they will wrap up their work on the night with a review of a Bylaw recommendation related to the proposed Supportive Housing residence on 11th Avenue East.

The Regular Council session, which is open to the public, gets underway at 7PM

The Agenda for the Regular Council session for February 13th can be accessed here.


Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- Mayor Brain will review the agenda for the evening and Council will adopt the minutes of past meetings.

Petitions and Delegations make for the first item of business on the evening, with two presentations for the evening.

The first will be from Constable Kayla Radford from the Prince Rupert Detachment, she will provide Council with a look at the Safe Place program in the community for LGBTQ residents and visitors.

The second presentation comes from Chris Lightfoot, Organizer of Complete Streets for Prince Rupert. He will provide Council with a look at potential project for the city called the Intersection Improvement Project.

Any Notes on Unfinished Business will follow that presentation.

Reports and Recommendations is next on the Agenda listings.

Report from the City Manager: Appointment of Election Officers -- City Council will receive a report from the City Manager that will ask that Ms. Corinne Bomben, the City's Chief Financial Officer be appointed as Chief Elections Officer, and that Mr. Antonio Vera, the Deputy Corporate Administrator be appointed as Deputy Elections Officer for the 2018 General Municipal election.
Page 13 of the Agenda Package)

Report from the Community Planner: Application for Development Variance Permit -- Council will review a report that outlines the request for a variance permit for a property on Ninth Avenue West proceed to Public Notification.
Page 14 of the Agenda Package)

Correspondences for Action if any have been received follows next

Resolutions from Closed Meetings makes for the next element on the night, with Council to make two announcements.

The First announcement will provide details of the awarding of a contract for the City's Tsunami Risk Assessment project, with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants to be awarded the contract for the work.

The Second resolution will provide for the City's announcement that Mr. Roy Henry Vickers has been appointed for a two year term to the Board of Directors for CityWest.


Report from the City Planner -- Council will review a report related to a Housing Agreement Bylaw to adopt a Housing Agreement for the proposed Supportive Housing complex at 333-11th Avenue East ( Page 25 of the Agenda Package)

The evening then moves on to Additional Items 

The evening will come to an end with Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Council members can also take advantage of the period to offer up any items or concerns that they have for consideration on the night.

The Live broadcast of the City Council session can be found here, a video archive of past sessions is available here.

Our items of note related to the February 13 session can be found here.

While our archive of all sessions for 2018 for Council is available here.

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