Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Regional District launches Budget survey project

With a new logo and website to show off, Regional District Officials are also showing the practical nature of the region's new information portal, with North Coast Regional District hosting a budget survey for residents to take, part of their consultation process for this years financial planning.

The survey makes use of Regional District's new online platform PlaceSpeak, a program which they introduced to the public last year.

As part of the introduction to their Budget consultation, NCRD Chair Barry Pages outlined the value of the engagement process for the District.

“The NCRD benefits every time a resident or stakeholder is engaged,” ... “Resident feedback and participation in the NCRD Board’s budgeting process provides great context from varying local perspectives and, ultimately, better informs our decision-making.”

The current engagement process provides the Draft Financial Plan for review, the asks that residents log onto the PlaceSpeak program, create an account and provide their feedback on the PlaceSpeak Budget consultation questionnaire.

One bit of feedback that Regional District may wish to consider and take moves to address, is the common theme expressed by participants so far of the need for an Executive Summary, or Explanation of goals for the Budget planning, to go along with the budget document which many note is hard to interpret.

Towards that commentary, the results so far indicate that participants would like to see More information to aid their ability to comment towards the budget information.

The timeline for further Regional District discussion on their budget planning has the next step of review by the Board to take place at the February 24th Regional District meeting.

That meeting will provide for an opportunity for members of the public to offer comments or make recommendations at the meeting set for 10 AM at the Coastal Business Centre across from the Bank of Montreal on Second Avenue West.

The budget process is roughly six months from start to finish, the Five year Financial plan must be adopted by March 31st

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