Thursday, February 15, 2018

McKay Street Park fundraising efforts to benefit from CityWest's Fibre launch party

CityWest makes a connection with McKay Street, as Chris Marett, President and CEO
of the Prince Rupert owned communication company presents a cheque for
10,000 dollars to Veronika Stewart , Vice President of Transition Prince Rupert. 
The money will be put towards preparation work for the construction
of a playground on the west side of the city
(Photo courtesy of CityWest)

As part of their celebration of the launch of a new Fibre to Home service to residents of Prince Rupert last Friday evening, CityWest provided some details of the latest local group to benefit from a financial donation from the City of Prince Rupert owned communication company.

While the announcement of the support was made on Friday, Yesterday made for the official cheque presentation, as CityWest's President and CEO Chris Marrett, handed over the ceremonial cheque for 10,000 dollars to Veronika Stewart from Transition Prince Rupert.

The organizers of the McKay Street Park initiative are the recipients of the 10,000 dollar financial boost, which will be put towards their efforts in preparation for the construction of the first phase of the much anticipated community park on the city's west side.

Mr. Marett noted the project fits in well with what CityWest looks for when it comes to giving back to the community.

“We’re happy to make this donation, because we feel that this project will benefit the community,”  ... “It also aligns with our philanthropic efforts to help people in the North do great things.”

The CityWest donation will be used for clean up efforts and the filling in of the site, all in anticipation of the start of construction for the playground component of the McKay Street plans.

More background to the CityWest donation can be found here.

Transition Prince Rupert has set aside Sunday, March 4th as their Community Build Day, they are currently looking for 30 volunteers to lend a hand as they install the playground equipment at the park site at the corner of Koontenay Avenue and McKay Street.

You can learn more about what they need and how to sign up here.

You can review the plans for the project from the Transition Prince Rupert website or Facebook page.

Should you wish to join in with CityWest in lending a financial hand, Transition Prince Rupert is accepting donations through a Go Fund Me Page that they have set up.

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