Monday, February 19, 2018

City of Prince Rupert's Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment project to share in Federal/Provincial funding

The City's upcoming Tsunami Flood Risk assessment project
will benefit from 450,000 dollars in funding from
the Federal and Provincial 

Last week the City released some details of a recent closed meeting, where the Council members had reached a decision on the successful bid for a Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment to be conducted for the Prince Rupert harbour region.

As we noted on the blog last Tuesday, the City awarded the contract to Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, with the Edmonton based company finding success through a recent Request for Proposals hosted by the City of Prince Rupert.

Their work will include an analysis of geographical data specific to the region, to determine the potential levels of inundation and tidal velocities during a high water even tin the Prince Rupert Harbour.

The ability to move forward with the project moved forward after the City received word of shared funding from both the Federal and Provincial government, with the two senior levels of government providing for the bulk of the money for the assessment project.

An announcement from Public Safety Canada from early February outlined the breakdown of the funding for the project which has a total value of 480,000 is as follows:

Federal Contribution -- $225,000
Provincial Contribution -- $225,000
City of Prince Rupert  $30,000

The Prince Rupert project is one of a number of similar risk assessment programs that will be taking place across British Columbia, you can see where Prince Rupert placed on the list of projects from this information release from the Federal Government.

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