Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Disappointment" makes for the main theme to Northwest commentary on PTB's Greyhound decision

Greyhound's Facebook page makes for an ironic theme on travel this week,
that as Northern BC is destined to be taken off the travel maps come May

(image from Greyhound facebook page)

Yesterday's announcement by the Passenger Transportation Board which granted approval for Greyhound to bring an end to its Highway 16 service, along with other routes in Northern British Columbia has been greeted with words of disappointment from a pair of high profile political leaders in the region.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice was the first in the Northwest to take to her social media stream following Wednesday's release of the PTB decision, placing the responsibility for the decision in the hands of the Passenger Transportation Board.

In her review of the decision, Ms. Rice also noted, that the the end of the service in Northern BC will have an impact on Indigenous communities, women, seniors children and those living with disabilities.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice's statement on the PTB decision
to allow Greyhound to end service to Northern BC

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The North Coast MLA's comments for the most part echoed similar themes  that had been delivered by Transportation Minister Claire Trevena earlier in the day.

As we noted on the blog yesterday, BC Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena plans on reaching out to municipal and First Nations leaders in the weeks to come, to examine what options may be available to provide for safe and reliable transportation along the Highway 16 corridor.

Also weighing in with an opinion on the news of the day was Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen, he noted how the decision will have serious impacts to northern communities that rely on the service for work, business and safely getting around Northern BC. 

The MP also outlined that he plans to ask First Nation, Municipal and Regional leaders to support him in calling on the Federal Government to support him in a call for a regional bus service.

MP Nathan Cullen's comments on Wednesday's
PTB decision on Greyhound service in Northern BC

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One of those regional leaders of the Northwest that Mr. Cullen plans to consult with is Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain.

So far, when it comes to the PTB decision of Wednesday, the Mayor has not to this point, offered up a statement related to the pending end of Greyhound service to the community.

The reaction to the Greyhound announcement spread quickly along the many stops of the Greyhound line between Prince Rupert and Prince George. A sample of some of the feedback to this point can be found below:

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The final day of service for Greyhound has been set for May 31st.

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