Tuesday, February 13, 2018

City of Prince Rupert awards contract for Tsunami Risk Assessment

The City of Prince Rupert has awarded a contract to conduct
a Tsunami Risk Assessment for the areas around the city

The City of Prince Rupert is moving forward with its Tsunami Risk Assessment Project, with notice of an awarding of the contract for work on the project to be announced at tonight's Council session.

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants has been chosen to conduct the work, with the decision to award the Edmonton based company with the work reached during a recent closed session of City Council.

The company's successful bid came after the City had put the project out for a second call for applications in December, the first attempt having taken place in September of 2017.

The project was first introduced to City Council back in July of 2016

You can learn more about Northwest Hydraulics and review some of their past work here.

Northwest Hydraulic consultants has been awarded
a contract for a Tsunami Risk Assessment project
for the City of Prince Rupert

Some background on the City's project and what they hope to achieve from it can be found from out past items:

December 2017 -- City of Prince Rupert re-opens Request for Proposal process for Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment program
September 2017 -- City Seeks bids for study on Tsunami risk for the community
July 2016 -- City of Prince Rupert to pursue two grant opportunities for Transportation and Tsunami risk assessment

The City's plans to move forward with the Tsunami Risk study made for part of the recent review of how the City of Prince Rupert handled the response to a Tsunami Alert for the region from January 23rd.

Following the end of the alert, some in the community had concerns over how information had been delivered to the public and the need for a better system of notification to be considered.

January 24 -- After Tuesday's Alaska quake: Seismic aftershocks continue in Kodiak; while political aftershocks continue to rumble across the North Coast
January 23 -- Tuesday morning Tsunami warning may spur on calls for better public alert system for Prince Rupert

During the January 29th City Council session, City staff and Council members reviewed the approach the City took in response to that alert.

More notes related to this evening's City Council session can be found here.

A wider overview of the discussion topics from Council sessions can be reviewed on our Council Discussion archive.

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