Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Avalanche Risk High -- Highway 16 Closure Notice issued by Ministry of Transportation

Another Avalanche Risk Alert has been issued for Highway 16
between Terrace and Prince Rupert with the potential of
highway closure before the Noon hour

UPDATE: The Ministry of Highways has CLOSED HIGHWAY 16 the decision to shut the road down being made at 8:46 this morning.

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The unstable weather conditions on the North Coast have once again raised the Avalanche risk along the highway 16 corridor, and from that the Ministry of Transportation has issued another Avalanche Alert, noting that Highway 16 could be subject to closure before the Noon Hour.

The Alert was issued by Drive BC At 6:15 this morning and notes that the area in question is located 13km east of the Port Edward turn off and 35 kilometre west of Terrace

It marks the third time in recent weeks that an Avalanche Risk Advisory has been issued, the most recent one was last week when Highway 16 was closed for 26 hours on February 7th.

The next update on the Highway status will be delivered at 10 AM

You can find more information on the Drive BC website or twitter feed

The latest alert arrives as the North Coast Inland area has been put under a Snowfall Warning.

More items of note from past weather events can be found on our archive page.


Update: Monday February 13, 5:30 -- Highway has been reopened to traffic, with single- alternating traffic in both directions.

Update, Monday, February 13 NOON -- The Ministry of Transportation extended the road closure until at least 6 to 9 PM with a further update to come later this afternoon ..,

Update Monday February 13 9AM -- The Ministry of Highways Closed Highway 16 as of 8:46 this morning, a further update to the situation is expected to be released at Noon today.

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