Sunday, February 25, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending, February 25, 2018

Money and how the government wants to spend it seemed to catch the attention of our readers this week, with three of our stories on financial notes finding placement among our top five reads on the week.

The most attention was directed towards our look at the BC Budget and one Northwest initiative that didn't appear to make it into the observations of Finance Minister Carol James.

Our look at some of the planning for the Regional District budget also found a good audience, with the public offered an opportunity weigh in with some comments by way of a survey.

The first of two tax collection sessions for the City of Prince Rupert also attracted some views, as we outlined the process ahead for the city's collection of utility taxes.

A late night break and enter at the downtown BC Liquor store was of some interest to readers through the week, as was our series of stories related to the decision by the British Columbia's Passenger Transportation Board to allow Greyhound to eliminate its northern British Columbia bus service.

The top story of the week however explored the BC Budget, or more specifically, something that was missing from the BC Budget.

Northwest BC Resource Benefits Missing from BC Budget overview -- With Finance Minister Carol James delivering the NDP Government's 2018 Budget on Tuesday, our look at the initiative led by the Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance that did not get a mention proved to be a popular item.   (posted February 23, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Regional District launches Budget Survey project  -- A budget consultation still in progress  captured the attention of our readers as well, with many taking a look at our item on a survey project from North Coast Regional District.  (posted February 20 , 2018)

March 30th the deadline for payment as utilities bills hit the mail for Prince Rupert -- The first of two cash calls by the City of Prince Rupert on its residents arrived this week in mailboxes across the city, with the City of Prince Rupert utility bills to be paid by the end of March.    (posted February 20, 2018)

Male in custody following Saturday evening B and E at B. C. Liquor Store -- A late evening shopping spree, though one  after hours, resulted in one male to be taken in custody by Prince Rupert RCMP     (posted February 19, 2018)

Route elimination approved for Greyhound on Highway 16 and other Northern services -- The day of reckoning for bus transportation across the Northwest came this week, as the Passenger Transportation Board announced its approval for Greyhound to eliminate its service across much of Northern BC.  The days that followed provided for a range of opinion and commentary on the decision, some of which you can review here and here.    (posted February 21 , 2018 )

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