Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Jennifer Rice's humour falls flat at ANBT, MLA issues apology to Gingolx Nation

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice
has apologized for a joke she made
at Sunday's ANBT opening
The dangers of mixing humour and political speech making were on display Sunday evening in the Russell Gamble Gymnasium, with North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice feeling the heat for her attempts at what she has called a 'sarcastic' joke at the Opening Ceremonies of the annual All Native Basketball Tournament in Prince Rupert.

In a Facebook posting from Monday, the North Coast MLA has issued her mea culpa to the people of Gingolx, noting that her attempted joke had fallen flat and that some had been offended by the comment that the performance was "not bad".

Her presentation was one of three from area politicians on the night, with MP Nathan Cullen and Mayor Lee Brain also providing welcoming remarks for the large crowd that packed the Russell Gamble Auditorium for the powerful opening to the six day tournament.

Mayor Brain's address included extensive remarks of greeting in Sm'algyax for those that had travelled to Prince Rupert to take in the annual event.

Of the three politicians of the region, only Ms. Rice's notes appear to have struck a wrong cord, with her address the only one which received scattered boos heard in the Gymnasium on Sunday evening.

You can review her apology below:

MLA Jennifer Rice has issued an apology for a joke that went wrong
at Sunday's ANBT Opening ceremonies

(From MLA Rice's Facebook page ... click to enlarge)

The letter has provided for a range of commentary, which you can review from the comments portion of her original post from her Facebook page.

Any further fence mending with the people of Gingolx might have to wait however, as Ms. Rice will be in Victoria this week for the opening of the new session of the Legislature which takes place this afternoon at 2PM.

You can view the Speech from the Throne through the Legislature broadcast.

MLA Jennifer Rice is back in Victoria today, as the Legislature prepares for
this afternoon's Speech from the Throne
(Legislature TV feed)

Considering the mis-step from Sunday, Ms. Rice might be making a quick dash back north this weekend for the closing days of the tournament and a chance to further express her remorse at the joke that went wrong.

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