Sunday, February 11, 2018

Following last weeks road closure, Canada Post plays catch up with Sunday delivery

There was Sunday work in store for the city's letter carriers and 
parcel delivery workers as  Canada Post worked to catch up to a backlog of mail 
from the recent road closure on the North Coast

If you're expecting a letter or parcel in the mail, you might want to check your mailbox later today, as Canada Post addresses a bit of a backlog in parcels and letters owing to last weeks road closure.

Letter carriers are taking to their routes and Alopex vans are on the roads around the city today delivering the mail, the first time that Sunday delivery has been put in place since the Christmas rush period of the recent holiday season.

Highway 16 had been closed for 26 hours last week due to a high avalanche risk and mail shipments along the Highway 16 corridor had been slowed as road conditions become more and more challenging from the North Coast through to Prince George.

The road reopened to traffic on Thursday afternoon. It was the second time that the road had been closed due to an avalanche risk in the last two weeks, with a previous road closure taking place January 30.

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