Monday, February 12, 2018

Repairs to gas pipeline complete say PNG; call for reduced use of gas on North Coast lifted

With line repairs complete between Prince Rupert and Terrace,
PNG has lifted its request for gas conservation on the North Coast

After four days of scaling back their use of natural gas residents of Prince Rupert and Port Edward can spend a few extra minutes in the shower to let the hot water cascade over them, or cook as much as they wish on their natural gas supplied stove.

And with colder temperatures having arrived, there will be no guilt associated with increasing the heat, that after Pacific Northern Gas issued the advisory earlier today that repairs are complete on the main transmission line between Prince Rupert and Terrace.

As we outlined on the blog last week, PNG had been asking customers to scale back their use of gas after a significant pressure drop had been noticed on Wednesday evening, requiring for work crews to gain access to the site, something that proved a bit challenging at the height of last weeks weather miseries in the Terrace region.

Work crews began their work on Thursday and completed repairs over the Family Day weekend.

PNG relayed the update and their thanks to the public by way of an updated pop up message on their website today.

An updated advisory from the PNG website today outlined
that repairs have been completed on the line between Prince Rupert and Terrace

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