Friday, February 16, 2018

School District 52 seeks opinions on upcoming Budget plans

As they move forward with their Budget overview for 2018 School District 52 is seeking the opinion of the public through a survey currently underway through the SD52 website.

The survey provides for an opportunity for parents/guardians and others that have an interest in education on the North Coast to weigh in and rank which areas they feel the School District should make as priority.

In amidst the survey is an indication from the School District that they anticipate a decrease in funding from the Ministry of Education for the 2018-1i school year, something that will impact on their budget planning as they seek to reach a balanced budget.

The project is short and shouldn't take up too much time for those that wish to reply, and it will provide some helpful background information for School District officials as they work to put together the financial plan for the District for the years ahead.

The survey features seven questions exploring the following topics.

Allocation for spending with respondents asked to select what percentage and where there would like to see funding directed.

A review of the range of instruction and support services that are offered at the schools and how those replying would rank them in importance.

Respondents are also asked to provide an indication whether spending should increase, decline or stay the same in areas of services and supplies.

Participants in the survey are asked to outline which resources are required to enable the district to meet their Framework for Enhancing Student Learning.

With an expected decrease in Ministry funding, those responding to the survey are asked to indicate areas where the district could reduce spending to reach a balanced budget.

The survey ends with an opportunity to provide further comments related to the budget process for 2018-19, as well as the collection of simple demographic information.

You can review the budget survey and offer you opinions here.

The first budget consultation session with parents, guardians and those interested in education on the North Coast took place in late January, when the SD52 Board hosted a World Cafe style discussion session to explore the budget themes for this year.

The budget process continues through Februarywith the District holding discussions with partner groups making presentations to trustees and senior management.

The SD52 Board will host a Public meeting to be held on March 5th at Charles Hays Secondary School, providing an opportunity for further review of the findings and to seek feedback from the public.

That March 5th meeting will make for the final opportunity for members of the public to address the Board Trustees on the topic of the Budget.

The School District will make their final determinations as part of the April 10th Board Meeting.

You can explore more notes on the SD52 budget process from District website here.

The District's 2018-19 Budget Review notes, which feature and expanded look at many of the issues facing SD52 can be examined here

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