Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Complete Streets for Prince Rupert looks to give City Council a preview of road safety concept

A local organization looking to bring safe, accessible and enjoyable streets to the community will make a presentation to City Council tonight, looking to highlight a project that they would like to introduce to the community.

As part of their Intersection Improvement Project, the group Complete Streets for Prince Rupert will be seeking the permission of City Council to make a short-term modification to an intersection in the city,  with the goal of their proposal to move towards the improvement of safety and comfort for all road users.

Chris Lightfoot will be providing the details of what the organization has in mind, which includes a number of traffic calming measures to increase awareness through the city.

Three examples of what they have in mind can be found below:

Three options for traffic calming measures and new approach to
road safety for the community will be outlined by the group
Complete Streets for Prince Rupert at tonight's City Council session

More background on the proposal can be reviewed on the Complete Streets For Prince Rupert website, which also offers up an opportunity for those with an interest to vote on the proposal that they believe offers the best safety aspects.

The move to launch their project comes with an increase in pedestrian/automobile incidents in the city, the majority of them taking place in the city's downtown core.

More information on their efforts in the community can be reviewed on the Complete Streets for Prince Rupert Facebook page and twitter feed.

The Complete Streets group is listed on the Council Agenda as the second presentation on the night, you can take in what they have to share tonight as part of the 7PM City Council session .

Those that can't make it to City Hall for the public session, can watch the evening's proceedings through CityWest Community Television and streamed live through the City's website.

For more notes on this evening's City Council session see our Council Preview here.

Further background on City Council Discussion points can be found on our Council Discussion Archive.

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