Friday, February 23, 2018

MLA Rice shares Lessons Learned from visit to Haida Gwaii's Living and Learning School

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice recounted a recent stop
on Haida Gwaii and a Q & A session with students 

"What do you do all day, and how much money do you make anyway?" 
-- Two of the many questions that North Coast MLA had to handle during a recent visit to a School on Haida Gwaii

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice continued on with a Haida Gwaii theme in the Legislature on Thursday, recounting a recent visit to the Living and Learning School on Haida Gwaii, a small independent, parent run school on the Islands.

Invited to speak to a class by one of the students, Ms. Rice recounted some of the questions that were raised on themes of government and the interest that the students expressed in the #MeToo movement and if the MLA had ever faced discrimination in the Legislature.

The students were very interested in #MeToo and how that pertained to B.C. politics. Whilst a career in politics is challenging enough for women and we still face minority representation in many jurisdictions, at all levels of government, it concerns me to think that the fear of being a hashtag would be an impediment for a young person to pursue a career in government.

Ms. Rice also provided the Legislature with a sanpshot of the focus of the independent school and its vision for education.

The Living and Learning School is a small, independent, parent-run school on Haida Gwaii with a vision that believes that children who learn in a safe, supportive and cooperative atmosphere develop self-worth, self-expression and personal power, enabling them to grow into strong, creative and caring human beings.

With Ms. Rice now off the student's check list of guest speakers, they are turning their attention to the Federal scene and a quest to bring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Haida Gwaii for a look at how the Federal process works.

You can look over the Coles Notes of the MLA's study session from the Legislature Hansard record for Thursday morning here, the commentary starts at 10:15 AM

You can also sit on on the presentation through the Legislature Video Archive, her statement to the House  you can view her presentation at 10:15 AM mark.

The Living and Learning school is based in Queen Charlotte and is operated by the Queen Charlotte Youth Education Society, you can learn more about their work here.

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