Monday, January 7, 2019

City's water issues sprouts local advocacy group seeking solutions

What appears to be a grass roots campaign to look for answers to the ongoing Boil Order issue for the community will hold its first meeting on Sunday, with organizer Tom Kertes calling the event a Kitchen Table Discussion.

Plans for the incipient movement were announced over the weekend through an information statement and the creation of a Facebook page and twitter feed under the banner of Community for Clean Water

The introduction to the group offers up some of the scope of their interest related to the current Boil Water situation in the city.

Community for Clean Water is just getting started. Our first step will be to meet and discuss what we can do, as members of the Prince Rupert community, to help support the city and provincial governments in fixing our clean water system.

 We don’t know how long (or short) the city’s boil water notice will be in effect. Hopefully more information will be provided soon…but in the meantime it makes sense to prepare for the worst (and to hope for the best!).

The group also identifies some of the concerns that any long running water situation could mean for the city.

A sustained clean water crisis for the City of Prince Rupert could: threaten the local economy, put people’s health at risk, and unfairly place the city’s most vulnerable people and communities at the greatest risk.

As well, Community for Clean water indicates how they plan to support both the city and the province, while also calling for transparency on the issue.

Instead of letting the worst play out, we can work together for a fair, fast, and effective solution that gets clean water back on tap for everyone. 

 Given that clean water is a human right, and given how essential clean water is to our local economy, the stakes are high. That’s why getting together as a community now is important. 

By working together, and thinking things through as a community, we can support the city and province. This way we can all work together to ensure that good governance, transparency, and fairness are put to good use for benefit of our community as a whole.

Sunday's conversation is being hosted by Mr. Kertes, set to take place at his 5th Avenue home (602 5th Ave East) the event is planned to start  at 2 PM.

You can confirm if you plan to attend or seek out more information on the project by contacting him at

The kitchen gathering comes one day before the first Prince Rupert City Council session of the year, which could offer the new group an opportunity to introduce their concerns to the city by way of a submission to City Council for consideration.

For the latest notes related to the current Boil Water Notice see our archive page here.

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