Thursday, January 6, 2022

City of Prince Rupert provides update and reassurance for the community of Fire Hall staffing situation

The City of Prince Rupert has issued a statement today providing some background on what they describe as recent media reporting on the current COVID-19 situation impacting on the fire hall, offering reassurance to the community that they continue to offer essential fire protection for the city.

Among their notes, the impact of the BC government's 5 day isolation period and the implementation of an interim mutual aid agreement with Port Edward to call on the District's 13 Volunteer and well-trained firefighters from the Port Edward Fire Hall for support if required.

From the update notes posted around 10AM today, the city observed of 8 of 20 firefighters currently in isolation due to positive COVID results, while outlining some of the department's recent responses. The city also outlines hot the current level of response is facilitated.

The continuation of service is done with a day shift of 4 staff and a night shift of 4 staff and is viable in the short term through overtime. We are very grateful to our remaining staff for picking up the slack during the shortage.

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On Wednesday the City had provided for some Fire Safety Tips for the community.

More notes on the work of emergency responders in the northwest can be explored here.

A wider overview of Civic and City Council themes is available here.

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