Saturday, January 8, 2022

Highway 16 Travel Advisory in effect; Risk of Avalanche could close route at any time. Rains to arrive on North Coast this evening through to Wednesday

While Prince Rupert residents await the rain set to arrive this afternoon, travellers with plans to transit Highway 16 should take note of a Highway Advisory for the day and the potential closure of the road between Terrace and Prince Rupert owing to a High Avalanche Risk.

The area of concern as it was one week ago, is the stretch between Rainbow Lake near Prince Rupert and Exstew near Terrace, the most recent advisory coming at just before midnight on Friday.

The highway itself is listed as having compact snow and slippery sections, while reports from Friday were of very icy conditions for motorists with a number of vehicles having slid into the side of roadway that noted by members of the Social Media group that monitors the highway conditions

The most recent Highway camera imagery shows snow covered roads on the Prince Rupert side, with snow falling around the Kasiks area of the route, the Terrace area itself shows sanded roads near the Roundabout at 16 & 27.

Rainbow Summit


Terrace Roundabout

As for the weather ahead, the forecast from Environment Canada calls for snow mixed with rain until the noon hour, which is when the transition to rain, and lots of it begins, with the potential for over 100 mm of  rain to come by Wednesday. 

Temperatures will be significantly different than those of the last month, with highs of7 degrees anticipated for Sunday and Monday to start the warming trend off.

While we get rain, Terrace will get snow, with a WINTER STORM WARNING in place with the potential for up to 40 cm of Snow today through to tomorrow morning for areas surrounding the Terrace area.

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Conditions are such that a Potential Closure for the Nisga'a Highway is also listed by Drive BC this morning, that owing to a High Avalanche risk.

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Follow the Drive BC website and Twitter feed for updates on road conditions through the weekend.

A list of Highway cameras along Highway 16 and feeder routes is available here.

Notes on past weather events can be reviewed from our archive page.

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