Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Kaien Road Recycling Centre has resumed collection of glass items

Installed over the summer of 2021, the Weigh Scale at the
North Coast Regional District Recycling Centre will soon
see much more activity as the City's recycling program begins

While the City of Prince Rupert has launched the curbside recycling program this week, there are still a few gaps in that collection program, with glass items not currently included in the city's recycling launc

Up until a few weeks ago, residents with glass items for recycling were out of luck when it came to  disposing of them, as a hold had been put on collection at the Kaien Road Recycling centre. 

That a result of some logistics issues that came out of the Fraser Valley flooding of November.

For those that may have missed the announcement of the final few weeks of December, that service has since resumed with the facility now accepting those items once again.

The Recycling Depot also accepts the full range of recycling needs, should you be heading that way anyways. 

Though we may find that the volume of residents making the trip to the city's industrial park may be less often with the curbside option now up and running.

Towards the city's program, the Kaien Road Facility will now be making use of its recently installed weigh scale, which was put in place over the summer in anticipation of the city's launch.

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