Tuesday, January 4, 2022

New Garbage/Recycling program launches today, as Blue Bin curbside program starts in Prince Rupert


 A New year, brings a new garbage/recycling program and a new map
for Prince Rupert residents to follow for their weekly pick ups
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It's been a much anticipated date on the calendar for City Council and many residents in Prince Rupert, as the City after a there month delay, launches curbside recycling and revamps its Garbage collection schedule to kick off 2022.

The last few weeks of December provided for the roll out of what's ahead, with a combination of online information, Social media messaging and home delivered flyers and information sheets providing for the background to the program.

Among one of the key changes is the shift for the most part to a dedicated day for neighbourhoods for the garbage/recycling collection, as well as the notice of two areas for collection each day as listed on the collection schedule below with the corresponding map above to serve as your guide.

The Prince Rupert Collection Schedule for 2022
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Should you have difficulties determining your area from the map, you can access more information from the City's online mapping project here, a click on the maps option provides you with the opportunity to explore the garbage map in larger detail. 

Failing that you can contact City Hall at 250-627-1781 for a quick update on when your collection day is.

As the program was rolled out in the last three months of 2021 some of the parameters of what we can and can't recycle through the blue bins was outlined.

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The Recycling Coach app program on the city's website will guide you in those decision as you fill up your blue bin.

This week also offers the chance for a trade in if you wish, for an additional cost, of your garbage bin for a larger model, you can review the rules on that process below:

The full overview from the City on the Recycling program can be reviewed here.

There may be some guidance during this launch period through the city's Social Media feed as well.

You can review the path towards the start of the Recycling program from our archive page of last year which chronicled the city's journey to the start of the curbside program. 

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