Monday, January 10, 2022

Travel Advisory Issued for Highway 16 Prince Rupert to Terrace, with freezing rain conditions providing for a Travel Not Recommended Warning

Update: The ministry of Transportation and Highway  reopened Highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Terrace at midnight, however Travel is still not recommended owing to Freezing Rain along the route.

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Drive BC is suggesting that travellers stay put for the time being if planning a transit between Prince Rupert and Terrace, with Freezing rain making for hazardous driving conditions along Highway 16 and a notice that travel is not recommended.

The Advisory which was issued this morning comes as a Pacific Weather system comes ashore on the North Coast and while the temperatures on the coast mean it's the more normal rain we are accustomed to in Prince Rupert, further inland it's leaving a coating of ice as it arrives making for a number of travel advisories for the Terrace-Kitimat-Nass area today.

In Terrace, BC Transit has pulled all of its buses off the roads until the conditions improve.

You can access updates on the road conditions from the Drive BC website and twitter feed.

More notes on past highway issues can be explored here.

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