Monday, June 13, 2022

McClymont Park Bike Track plans could move forward tonight at Council

A diagram of the proposed PUMP Track for McClymont park
the topic is up for review at tonight's Council Session
(image from City of PR)

Biking enthusiasts in Prince Rupert may want to tune into tonight's City Council session, that as the next step towards a Pump Track for the community will get a review through a Report to Council.

The update compiled by Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller will offer the recommendation to Council to execute a License of Occupation with the North Coast Mountain Bike Association to construct an all ages pump track in McClymont Park and publish Notices as appropriate

The project has been proposed by the North Coast Mountain Bike Association with the city having previously offered up the McClymont location for the venture that would see an all ages pump track constructed along Hays Creek.

The only caveat to the plan for the City is that the NCMBA continues to hold the appropriate insurance for the use intended.

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The area in question will require a realignment of the walking path along Hays Creek as well as the introduction of lighting for the track itself.

If approved by Council tonight, the proposal will then move to the Public notification process.

No timeline towards the project was included as part of the report.

The North Coast Mountain Biking Association is currently fundraising for their plans, see their Facebook page for more details on those efforts.

The full report and accompanying diagrams can be reviewed from the City's Agenda page starting at page 61.

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be reviewed from our Preview here.

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