Friday, October 13, 2017

A murder and a bit of mystery mark your weekend plans

There is going to be a murder in Prince Rupert this weekend and amateur sleuths of the North Coast are invited along to try and make some sense of it all. With the Crest Hotel the venue for the criminal deed and subsequent investigation by some of our best sleuths.

The annual Murder Mystery fundraiser for the Northwest Francophone group AFFNO will once again deliver the corpse and the suspects for your review this Saturday, marking the seventh annual event for the local group, with this years instalment of the murder theme called "Snakes Alive II: Double Jepoardy!".

The script for this years crime scene once again comes from the writing team of Donna Russell and Kathy and Mel Young and will follow a theme developed at last years mystery, with last years main suspect now on the loose and perhaps back to some old traits and evil deeds.

The Murder Mystery theme has proven to be a popular way of showcasing the work of the Association des Francophones et Francophiles du Nord-Ouest, as well as to help provide funding for the organizations projects through the year.

Tickets are available in advance at Cooks Jewellers, or you can call  250-627-1313, to secure your entrance to the crime scene.

However it's best to get yours sooner rather than later, this year there will be no at the door sales for Saturday's Murder Mystery.

In addition to the detective work, the night will feature a silent auction, 'loonie auction' as well as a dessert auction.

Like a live action version of the game Clue, Prince Rupert's acting community
have been a key part of past Murder Mystery Nights hosted by AFFNO

(photo from previous years event from the AFFNO site)

You can explore the crime scene,  follow the clues and share in the detective work starting at 7 PM Saturday Night at the Crest

To learn more about Saturday's event, as well as some of the range of programs offered by AFFNO, you can work on your old high school french through AFFNO website here.

There is an option for  English translation for those who may have forgotten more than they thought.

For more items related to Community Events in the region see our archive page here.

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