Friday, October 13, 2017

City Closes access to McClymont Park owing to sewer line issues

A portion of McClymont Park (seen above
from earlier this year
) has been closed to
the public while the City deals with
some sewer infrastructure issues
A routine inspection of the city's sewer infrastructure in the McClymont Park area of the city has resulted in the discovery of a minor discharge from one of the city's sewer lines.

As as a result of that inspection,  the city's Public Works department reported the discharge to the appropriate authorities and then contracted Broadwater Industries to provide for emergency repairs to that portion of the line.

In order to protect the surrounding area and environment, the work will be completed by hand and with small tools and machinery, which will make for a longer repair process.

With that decision, the City has closed McClymont Park to the public until further notice, with the area of work fenced off to pedestrian traffic in order to permit construction.

No timeline for completion of the project was outlined by the City in their information release of this morning.

You can review more items of note related to the City's infrastructure through our archive page here.

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