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Blog Watching: Week ending October 9, 2017

The end of an era for local shopping will come later this month, with the closure of the Sears outlet at Five Corners, the local store of the national chain will close the doors later this month.

A brazen mid-day robbery at the Bank of Montreal became the talk of Friday, as the local detachment of the RCMP deployed across the city's downtown core in search of the suspect, who to this point remains at large.

CityWest provided an alert for its customers this week, outlining the nature of two fraud attempts that have been directed to those living in the Northwest.

And industrial development proved to be a popular theme on the week, our look at the success of Pinnacle Pellet on the global stage and perhaps a glimpse at some future expansion plans provided for strong readership.

As did our notes on the upcoming community engagement plans from Wolverine Terminals, that company has outlined its plans to develop a marine fuelling station on the Prince Rupert waterfront.

The top story of the last seven days however highlights another departure on the local commercial scene, with local shoppers hearing word of the pending closure for Sears Canada in the community.

Sears Prince Rupert location to close --  Another empty space is soon to appear in Prince Rupert's commercial sector, as the local Sears outlet at Five Corners, a longtime fixture of the North Coast Shopping scene prepares to close its doors.   (posted October 4, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Heavy Police presence in downtown Prince Rupert early Friday afternoon in response to bank robbery -- An unusual occurrence for the North Coast as local RCMP officers fanned out around the downtown core seeking a suspect in a Friday afternoon robbery of the local BMO branch on 2nd Avenue West.  An update to the case file was provided on Saturday, with photos and a description of the suspect outline. The local detachment was in the news earlier in the week as well, as part of the investigation into a major drug bust in the Burns Lake area.  (posted October 6, 2017)

CityWest warns of ongoing fraud efforts --  The Northwest communication company highlighted a few of the current scams that have been directed towards their customers in recent weeks  (posted October 4, 2017)

Pinnacle Pellet eyes potential for future expansion of Westview Terminal --   it's still a way down the road, but the growing success of the Pinnacle Pellet energy company will see increased shipments out of the Prince Rupert Terminal facility, with a Pinnacle VP sharing some notes on the local scene with an industrial trade publication. Earlier in the week, we made note of a recent honour for the company which received an award from the publication BC Business. (posted October 5, 2017)

Wolverine Terminals schedules North Coast Open Houses and opens comment period --   The proponents of a marine fuelling station for the Prince Rupert waterfront outline some of their upcoming community engagement opportunities.  (posted October 5, 2017)

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